Unreal Editor Helps Create Virtual Reality Inside Virtual Reality

    Game Adrift

    Epic has long supported the development of virtual reality games. Now she offers developers to create virtual reality applications inside virtual reality.

    The company announced a new VR component for the popular Unreal Editor, with which developers, animators and other users can create games and explore new worlds with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive glasses.

    Unreal Editor is now used to create some VR games, including EVE: Valkyrie and Adrift. But until now, developers have used standard tools for this: an ordinary computer and mouse. Epic founder Tim Sweeney believes this is wrong.

    In fact, it’s wrong to create virtual reality applications if you are not completely immersed in VR. Some things, such as a sense of distance, a ratio of the scale of objects, are not very well transmitted from VR to a flat computer screen. For example, an object that looks normal on the screen may turn out to be disproportionately large or too small in the three-dimensional space of virtual reality, experts say .

    VR Unreal Editor looks and acts just like the regular version for flat screens, but the designer can walk around and interact with objects, move objects from one place to another, rotate them, scale, clone, add new objects from the catalog, etc. The sophisticated Oculus and HTC manipulators allow you to very accurately point to menu items.

    In fact, with the help of manipulators, absolutely all the functions of the standard Unreal Editor are duplicated. It is believed that this approach is the future of game development.

    Tim Sweeney also suggested that in the future, many games will be created with universal support for the Unreal engine. That is, they can be made in the helmet of virtual reality, and on ordinary computers. Thus, immersion in VR will be possible only at certain stages of work.

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