Set for turning any apartment into a "smart home"

Last year, REDMOND launched the world's first line of Ready for Sky smart appliances. Kettle, slow cooker, convector and even iron- All of them can be controlled remotely, which provides new degrees of convenience, freedom, economy and security. The public’s interest in smart solutions turned out to be quite high, although today there is one serious barrier to all solutions from the Internet of Things (IoT) field: the economic one. That is, the user, in principle, would not mind having smart devices at home. But the point is not that they are more expensive than ordinary ones - just REDMOND Smart Home devices cost as much as similar devices of the same class, but without smart functions. The fact is that household appliances belong to durable goods, and, roughly speaking, if a person already has a good kettle, iron or heater, he will not run to buy a new one only because he is “smart” - rather, the replacement will happen only at the end life cycle of an old device.

The new REDMOND SkyPlug RSP-100S smart socket will help to make old devices “smart” right now. This small compact device most of all resembles an adapter adapter from one type of outlet to another, such as those with which travelers travel, only here both the plug and the outlet are European. Being inserted into a regular white outlet, the device protrudes from it for a couple of centimeters and remains almost invisible. At the same time, of course, it can be easily transferred from one room to another - exactly the outlet that is needed at the moment will become “smart”.

The number of scenarios for using smart sockets is limited only by your imagination. The most obvious ones are, for example, the remote shutdown of irons, plates, and other fire hazardous devices, which, according to the law of meanness, you never remember whether you turned them off or not: you have to turn around halfway to return and check. Here you always see in the application the current status of the outlet in real time.

At the same time, you can configure the outlet so that it automatically turns off when everyone leaves home (that is, smartphones connected via Bluetooth are out of coverage). The regime is called “I am at home”. So the logic with the default load off is a great solution to ensure home security and save energy.

Or, for example, you can put all sockets into locked mode - if children are left at home, they will not be able to turn on any electrical appliances or, say, put a paper clip or knitting needle into the socket. And this is not only about babies: for example, a schoolboy, thanks to a smart outlet, will not be able to turn on the TV until he does his homework.

You can turn on the floor lamp and the music center at the right time - such an “alarm clock” will not let you oversleep: it’s not a smartphone, where you clicked the End button and lay down for another 5 minutes, but stood up after two hours.

You can also set a timer for the heater (to warm the house at your arrival) and the humidifier (to compensate for the heater).

In winter, you can extend the daylight hours for plants and aquarium fish, including fluorescent lights for them for a certain period of time, and by the time you come from a walk you can turn on the “warm floor” in the corridor or, for example, fill the bathtub with water (electric valves for anyone today not out of the ordinary, and cost $ 20).

Finally, you can recall the movie "Home Alone" and using smart sockets to simulate the presence of the home owners, when in fact there is no one. For example, you went on vacation for two weeks with your whole family, but in the evenings you have a light on, and during the day and a half hours a TV is on. Remember how our parents and grandmothers guarded the home from thieves? That's right: when leaving home, we turned on the kitchen radio louder!

The ability to work anywhere allows you to use REDMOND smart sockets not only in a city apartment, but also in a country house: it will also be appropriate here to turn on lights in the garden to scare away thieves, heat water in the boiler when you arrive from the city on Friday night, and, of course, water the garden in a timely manner by controlling the pump.

In addition to single sockets, REDMOND also released the RSP-E101S “smart” surge protector for four sockets. It, among other things, can automatically turn on only if there is a smartphone attached to it in the immediate vicinity, providing additional protection for the computer from unauthorized access.

The principle of operation of the REDMOND Smart Plug is quite simple. Inside the case there is a power relay, designed for current up to 10A (that is, devices with power up to 2.2 kW can be connected), and a Bluetooth controller, with which the socket is connected to a smartphone with the Ready for Sky control application installed. The range even with obstacles in the signal path is up to 15 meters, that is, within the limits of an apartment or a country house, the site works with guarantee.

In addition, the outlet can be controlled via the Internet - at any distance, even from another country. To do this, you will need a gateway - any gadget on Android 4.3 with the free R4S Gateway program installed, which will receive signals from your main gadget over the Internet and broadcast commands to Redmond smart technology via Bluetooth. The brand’s assortment includes a REDMOND Gateway smartphone router with an MTS SIM card and a special tariff for telematics devices: for the amount of about 10 rubles a month, 5 Mb of traffic are provided, which is more than enough to remotely turn on and off the sockets every 5 minutes and other clever technique. But no one forbids using any other Android smartphone or tablet as a gateway, and everything will work when connected to the Internet in almost any way: via Wi-Fi or via 4G / 3G / 2G from any operator’s SIM card. The transmitted data (both between the smartphone and the outlet, and between the smartphone and the Internet) is encrypted, so unauthorized access to the outlets is excluded. Namely, sockets, because you can connect an unlimited number of them, making “smart” at least the entire home electrical network.

Outlets with the ability to remotely control from a smartphone have been present on the Russian market for five years now. True, so far these have been GSM-based solutions managed via SMS. SMS outlets are about twice as large as REDMOND SkyPlug, and are also not very convenient in that they need to insert a separate SIM card in each of them. To control GSM outlets, you need to send SMS text commands without mistaking their syntax (keep a cheat sheet on hand or create templates for these codes in your phone). And, of course, you will have to pay for all SMS messages both from a smartphone and answers from outlets, and when there are a lot of them, you need to monitor the account balance on each of the SIM cards of your “zoo”.

In addition to GSM sockets (“smart sockets”, let's say, the first generation), there are several types of smart sockets on sale. Including, from quite popular Korean and Chinese brands of electronics. Most smart home appliances on the Russian market work through Wi-Fi. The use of such a data transmission channel is really more convenient for someone: after all, in fact, who doesn’t have wireless Wi-Fi at home right now? But at the same time, Wi-Fi has its drawbacks, which forced REDMOND to opt for a bundle of Bluetooth + smartphone-gateways.

The main advantage of the solution chosen by Redmond using a smartphone gateway is its autonomy. The home Internet may disconnect, the router may freeze, and then you will lose connection with all smart technology. At the same time, the smartphone gateway is autonomous and completely stable: it will provide constant control over smart technology, while maintaining all its “smart phone” functions and almost completely independent of the power grid. Of course, we must not forget to replenish the balance (about 10 rubles per month) and charge the smartphone-gateway about once a week (energy consumption when using the R4S Gateway and Bluetooth applications is minimal). Well, another advantage of Bluetooth-control technology REDMOND Smart Home - the ability to control from a smartphone directly, without the use of "intermediary devices";

The R4S system outperforms analogues in terms of security: competitors' solutions are protected only by a pair of login-password, which is not enough for reliable protection against hacking by attackers. At the same time, REDMOND requires physical “pairing” of devices, and all data transmission channels are encrypted reliably - this was originally laid down in the Bluetooth protocol and packet data transfer of mobile data.

There are also private examples confirming the correctness of REDMOND’s choice of the solution according to the scheme “your smartphone> Internet> smartphone gateway> Bluetooth> Smart Home technology”. For example, not everyone has a wired Internet in the country - and, as mentioned above, there are a lot of options for using smart technology. You can, of course, use the same smartphone that distributes Wi-Fi in the country instead of a router, but it will be pretty fast to land in “router mode”.

Based on the same wiring diagram from the relay and the Bluetooth controller as in the SkyPlug outlet, the REDMOND SkySocket RSP-S202S “smart cap” is built. It has an E27 base and supports lamps up to 30 watts (for home LED and fluorescent this is enough with a large margin); in addition, it has a built-in temperature sensor that provides protection against overheating in case of installing a lamp of more than 30V power. Buying such “smart sockets” is a much more reasonable decision compared to “smart lamps”, because it is purchased once, and any lamps can be used. “Smart” lamps are much more expensive than ordinary ones, but they serve the same amount, that is, with them you overpay for the controller each time.

The lamps do not need to be turned on only from a smartphone: they are offered the REDMOND SkyLight RC-B21S light control unit, which is installed in the chandelier cap. It accepts commands from the RL-S1S switches (they can also be tied directly to the sockets, and to sockets).

Smart socles can be used, for example, to turn off the night light in the children's room when the baby falls asleep, in a long corridor, on the stairwell or in a large office with several rooms. On ordinary analog switches, it would be impossible to implement such a scheme with the ability to turn on and off the lights on each floor or at each door, if there are more than two of them - here we recall Soviet communal apartments, where each tenant in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen had his own lamp, included after own counter.

All Redmond smart devices work without a central host controller, that is, the parameters set by the Ready for Sky application are stored in the memory of a specific outlet, base, etc. Thus, the current state of the smartphone (whether it is turned on and whether it is at home, is operating normally or freezes, etc.) does not affect the functioning of the systems in any way: it is needed only to send a command to change parameters once. This increases reliability and stability.

In addition to new devices for home modernization, REDMOND has also released the SkyTracker RFT-08S smart tracker. It connects to a smartphone and hangs on keys, luggage, a dog’s collar or baby’s clothes: now you will never lose them, because you will instantly hear a signal that the distance to the tracker has begun to increase significantly. This happens if someone stole your bag, or the child ran while you turned away, or, for example, the keys fell out of your pocket on the go. The tracker can show the approximate distance to the smartphone, so that it can be used as a kind of locator to quickly find the missing. In addition, the tracker has a motion sensor, so it can be used, for example, to detect the opening of a refrigerator door or window.

Of the additional functions of the tracker, it is worth noting the built-in digital thermometer, as well as a button for activating the smartphone’s camera. It will allow you to take self-portraits from any angle (“back, press the button”) on the main camera of the smartphone without any selfie sticks, and also help to secretly take something without attracting attention: a person who does not point a lens at you, but simply holding a smartphone, does not cause any suspicion.

REDMOND was not the first to engage in the Internet of Things in the Russian market. However, it was Redmond who was the first to be able to make these technologies available (in all respects) to the masses. Prices for smart household appliances do not exceed the cost of analogues without “smart functions”, and smart sockets and smart sockets are much more economical than standard GSM sockets with SIM cards and “smart lamps”. At the same time, the installation and management of all REDMOND smart technology are simple and intuitive. Soon in this blog you will see "solo" reviews of interesting new products in the field of "smart home" from REDMOND - stay tuned!

You can buy REDMOND smart technology in the official online store of the brand .

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