Hyperloop One plans to build high-speed transport lines in Europe

    Despite the fact that Hyperloop One is only conducting preliminary tests of a new type of transport developed by its specialists, the management has a lot of plans. Recently it became known that the company is already working on plans to create a network of high-speed transport lines in Europe.

    Initially, applications for the creation of “stations” and tunnels for high-speed trains were submitted by various cities of European countries as part of the Global Challenge program . After the applications were received, a special commission of Hyperloop One evaluated the possibility of creating transport lines in different directions in different countries of Europe with the passage of these lines through the cities that submitted the applications.

    In the end, it was determined9 potential routes. The Hyperloop One transport network, if implemented according to the plans proposed by the countries, should connect Estonia and Finland (here the route length is only 90 km), and also go through Germany and several other countries. It is proposed to build vacuum tunnels in the UK, combining Scotland, Wales and other regions of the country using a single network.

    In the Netherlands, it is proposed to connect the points located at a distance of 451 kilometers from each other, in addition, there is an option to connect Corsica and Sardinia. There is even a proposal to connect some cities of Spain with Morocco with a route length of 629 kilometers. The 1991 kilometer route in Germany may be record-breaking in length.

    In some cases, highways must pass through water bodies. To speed up the construction, the company's engineers propose to pass artificial tunnels under water or use the so-called Archimedes bridge, which, in fact, is a tunnel located on the surface of the water. The cost of implementing these plans has not yet been announced, but it is clear that it will be many billions of dollars.

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