Pure.Charger - Securely Charge Your Mobile Devices

    Each of us at least once in a life had to “save” by recharging his mobile device in public places using charging stations or using someone else's computer. Charging the device in this way, is it possible to be sure of the safety of your data and that they will remain strictly with you, or rather with your mobile. In addition, there is a risk that such public charging stations may collect information from devices and at the same time install malware on them.

    Kaspersky Lab engineers, as part of the Future Crew Team, introduced the Pure.Charger device. Pure.Charger - a special device similar to a USB flash drive, is an adapter and allows you to protect personal data while charging mobile devices. Pure.Charger, automatically blocking the transmission of data, transfers only an electric charge when a “needing” object is recharged to a power source.


    The developers released three versions of Pure.Charger,

    Pure.Charger - the basic version, Pure.Charger Pro - with built-in flash memory of 16 GB, Pure.Charger Executive - with built-in flash memory of 32 GB.

    In addition, engineers developed a special mobile application. The device remembers the data about the USB port to which the smartphone is connected, and via Bluetooth transfers it to the mobile application.

    Using this application, you can view the history of where and when you charged your mobile device, as well as find out which charging stations tried to access data, information.

    Pure.Charger - securely recharging your mobile devices? ..

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