Bio Ring: ring tracker with heart rate monitor and non-invasive calorie calculation

At this time, Indiegogo is continuing to raise funds for the BioRing smart ring, which is an alternative solution to wrist fitness trackers. Among its most interesting features: automatic calculation of calories consumed.

The gadget has already collected more than half of the required amount, and probably it has a chance to reach the right amount of money in a month, as the goals of the project are not very ambitious: $ 50,000 . The Early Birds are flying around now for $ 189 and should be released by November this year.

The ring tracker has several fitness sensors that can analyze activity, count steps and distance, record calorie consumption and measure sleep quality. Also, the ring will be equipped with a heart rate monitor, which will help in the diagnosis of stress. Show BioRing and hydration level.

The developers of the product call the most unique advantage the possibility of automatic non-invasive calorie counting using the “bio-impedance” sensor, which, however, is already known by the Healbe Gobe ​​gadget , which offered exactly the same capabilities in the form of a bracelet.

The ring tracker is not addressed to athletes, but to those who want to lose weight or maintain their weight at a certain level, they want to better control their heart function, avoid stress or cope with them in time.

The ring will work in tandem with proprietary applications, be charged by wireless charging, and sold in two colors: black and white.

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