Save 25,000 manuals

    Due to economic problems, the Manuals Plus bookstore in Maryland is forced to close. On Monday, August 17, they will throw out their entire collection of manuals. This is a huge collection that contains reference guides to a variety of techniques from the 30s of the last century.

    Local enthusiast Jason Scott accidentally found out about the destruction of books and organized a campaign to save them.

    The store owners gladly went to meet Jason and kindly allowed him to pick up as many manuals as he could carry. He had already gone to the store, met with the management and discussed how to organize the export of 25,000 books by Monday.

    The collection is truly unique. Even the oldest manuals are often kept in excellent quality.

    Together with store employees, Jason began to put off one unique copy of each book. The fact is that many of them are presented in several copies. One goes to conservation, and the rest of the employees immediately threw it into the trash, freeing the shelves.

    The activist plans to arrive at the store on Monday with $ 900 cardboard boxes for which an anonymous donor paid - and begin packing books. He also plans to remove a container for storing books, such are leased near the store, about 1.5 km. To transport books, you can rent a truck in the Truck Rental service, 3 km from the store. In principle, he planned everything - and everything should work.

    All that is needed is assistance in loading 25,000 books into the truck and unloading them. The store is located in Finksburg, 48 km northwest of Baltimore.

    Store Address: 2002 Bethel Road, Suite 105, Finksburg, MD.

    Jason Scott encourages everyone with time to drive up to the store on Monday afternoon and help with loading. Donations through Paypal will not be redundant either. Jason can only pay $ 250 per month to rent a container until the end of the year, then you need to do something with books.

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