10 gadgets to help you monitor your health with your smartphone

    The development of the Internet of things is already seriously changing many traditional industries. One of them is medicine, where the number of devices is constantly growing, allowing people to monitor their health and remotely receive qualified assistance, as well as facilitating the work of doctors. Today we look at 10 medical gadgets that work in conjunction with a smartphone.


    The CardioQVARK Russian gadget is a special case for the iPhone, with which the user can independently record a cardiogram at any time, anywhere. To do this, you need to install the application on a smartphone, put on a case and put your fingers on the sensors on the device. Next, the cardiogram is sent to the cloud and instantly gets to the doctor for analysis. For physicians, there is a proprietary application in which you can maintain an unlimited number of patients, analyze the state of the cardiovascular system, compare dynamics and monitor the response to stress and medications.

    Price : 8500 rub. (pre-order on the site)

    Kinsa thermometer

    The creators of the Kinsa project have developed an electronic thermometer that connects to a smartphone and transmits body temperature data to a cloud server - you can give your doctor access to get an accurate diagnosis. The gadget can be used to measure the body temperature of both adults and children and infants. In addition, due to the fact that the information is stored in the cloud, using the Kinsa application you can find out the "average temperature" by your district or country, which is useful, for example, for tracking influenza epidemics.

    Price : $ 20


    A wearable neurostimulator to combat chronic pain. Using a special bandage, the stimulator is put on the upper part of the lower leg, after which the device begins to generate weak electrical impulses - they block the pain signals passing through the spine to the brain. As a result, the user ceases to feel pain. This allows, for example, to sleep for those who, due to various seizures, cannot do this - the gadget is the only wearable neurostimulator that is certified by the American FDA regulator for working during sleep. Setting the operating modes of the device is carried out using a mobile application.

    Price : $ 250


    The wireless stethoscope for the Stethee smartphone is designed for home use - the developers of the project want to change the situation in which only doctors can use the stethoscope. The device works without wires - you just need to attach it to the chest and press the button. After that, the measurement results will be transferred to the application on the smartphone, which will build a graph of the heartbeat and breathing. This information is also stored on a remote server, where an analysis of the “normality” of the indicators is carried out - if the user is advised to consult a doctor, the device will flash.



    Blood pressure monitor

    Withings' mobile blood pressure monitor can easily and quickly measure blood pressure while storing information in a smartphone. The tonometer cuff is connected to the iPhone (iPod Touch or iPad), and then the pressure information is displayed in the application - the data can be displayed in graphs and sent to the doctor.

    Price : € 129.95

    Night shift

    A special “collar” that monitors sleep and the fight against snoring and its complications. The creators of the device claim that most often snoring occurs when a person sleeps on his back. Therefore, Night Shift starts to vibrate when the user starts snoring while lying on his back. The gadget also saves information about the quality of sleep - it is displayed in a mobile application. In this way, the user can analyze the dynamics of improving their sleep.

    Price : -


    The iBG-Star mobile glucometer allows diabetics to quickly measure their blood glucose. A test strip with a drop of blood is inserted into the device connected to the iPhone or iPod Touch, after which analysis is performed. The data is then displayed on the display and stored in a mobile application, which also allows you to monitor consumed carbohydrates, insulin and glucose levels.

    Price : $ 54 for test strips


    Spent an impressive campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo bracelet Embrace is designed to control epilepsy. He is able to record the moment of the onset of an epileptic seizure - this device succeeds by measuring the galvanic charge of the skin, body temperature and its position in space thanks to the gyroscope. When a seizure begins, a signal is sent to the patient’s guardian’s smartphone - the message contains information about the patient’s coordinates. In addition, the application stores statistics about seizures, which allows you to identify their causes - for example, in some cases they occur more often when playing sports.

    Price : $ 199


    The device allows you to analyze breathing to track asthma symptoms and prevent attacks. To collect data, the patient needs to attach the gadget to his neck and just breathe. AirSonea records breathing patterns, which allows you to understand what caused the seizure in a particular case, and can also send reminders for taking medications and transmit analysis information to relatives or a doctor of the user.

    Price : $ 169.95


    The Kolibree smart toothbrush monitors how the user brushes his teeth, and transfers information about it to the mobile application - then the user is given recommendations on whether to brush your teeth more often and which areas of the oral cavity should be paid more attention. In addition, information can be shared with other users of the device, organizing a “competition for brushing your teeth” - this opportunity should attract children who usually do not really like to brush their teeth.

    Price : $ 149

    P.S. If you know the analogues of the gadgets presented in the review, it would be great to collect links to them in the comments to this topic.

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