For any Steam game, you can now request a refund "for any reason"

    Steam, the Valve gaming platform, has updated some provisions of the user agreement. At the same time, updates are aimed at improving interaction with users, especially in terms of reimbursing funds for the purchase of a game or game content. So, the new rules provide for the possibility of a refund for almost any game, "for any reason", as indicated in the agreement. Conditions - the game must be purchased no later than 14 days prior to contacting support. In addition, the total game time should not exceed 2 hours.

    Valve will return the money within a week by choosing a payment method convenient for the user. If there are problems with the payment, the money will go to the Steam Wallet.

    Of course, there is no guarantee of a refund. In addition, it is not yet clear what kind of games it will be possible to demand a refund. Indeed, many games, such as "Gone Home" can be completed faster than two hours. Probably, all these points will become clear a little later - after a series of user requests to support.

    Until now, in the US and many other countries for Valve games, getting a refund was simply impossible. An exception was made for the countries of the European Union and New Zealand, where there is a fairly strict policy to protect the interests of buyers. Now the rules have changed, and if necessary (for example, the game did not like) you can return the funds.

    This is what the rules say:
    "You can request a refund for almost all purchases on Steam for any reason. Maybe your computer does not meet the system requirements of the game. Or you bought the game by mistake. Maybe you spent an hour in the game and you just didn’t like it.
    It doesn’t have Valve will refund, regardless of any circumstances, if a refund was requested through no later than fourteen days after purchase, and if you spent less than two hours in the game. You can find more detailed information below, but even if your situation is not appropriate There are the rules described, you can still request a refund, and we will consider your appeal.
    The funds for your purchase will be fully refunded within a week after the approval of the return. Funds will be transferred to your Steam wallet or back to the payment method that you used when purchasing. If for some reason Steam is unable to return the money to the payment method, then your Steam wallet will be replenished by the appropriate amount. (Some payment methods available on the Steam store in your country may not support refunds. Click here to view the full list.) "

    Electronic Art has recently introduced rules similar to Steam for its Origin platform. Customers may request a refund funds for any reason within 7 days if you played no more than an hour, problems may be different - technical problems, the game did not like, etc.

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