Removing Facebook logins in Opera browser

    Removing the login to enter Facebook in the Opera browser is carried out in the drop-down menu of logins by simply clicking on the cross next to the incorrectly entered login. Of course, you need to make a distinction between the concepts of login and password. Facebook passwords in Opera are deleted in the Browser Settings in the "Security" section. But there is no explicit login function for deleting logins. A lot of materials and links are devoted to removing passwords on the network, but deleting logins is not enough, or the described actions affect operations with clearing the cache and cookies. Of course, a simple action to delete the login immediately in the drop-down menu is convenient, but not everyone knows about this feature and traditionally go to look for the required functionality in the depths of the Opera browser settings.

    How are extra logins formed? Everything is very simple, each user of social networks and forums has a lot of logins and passwords and sometimes he automatically enters them into the window of another portal. The browser remembers logins automatically and if you do not clear this field, a whole “elevator” of unnecessary logins can accumulate. Removing logins is also necessary from a security point of view, as sometimes in the login field you can mistakenly enter a password that will be saved in the browser along with one-word login. Naturally, I do not want to show the password to anyone and such an erroneous login-password needs to be deleted.

    We hope that the material will be useful and save users time in search of a solution that is obvious at first glance.

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