3D Systems: at the forefront of 3D printing

    2 years before Marty went to the past future (namely in 1983), Chuck Norris Hall had already assembled the first working model of a stereolithographic printer (he quickly patented it and created 3D Systems). 30+ years have passed (and during this time the company managed to absorb Z Corp, the pioneer of color 3D printing, as well as the company DTM, the pioneer of SLS technology, and Sugar Lab with their sugar masterpieces) and now I propose to get acquainted with the possibilities that 3d provides -printing at the moment.
    (Overview of new products from 3D Systems)

    Under the cut flags are metal printing (DMLS, DMS), photopolymer (SLA), a printer that prints with flexible and heterogeneous materials (SLS), 3D color printing and sugar printing.

    ProX 400, Direct Metal Printer, metal

    In the video, Avi Richental, CEO of 3D Systems, talks about the fact that the “factory in a box” (in a very large box) is capable of quickly producing fully functional parts (with 100% “filling”, but without a machined surface, i.e. the rocket engine will still need to be processed with sandpaper) of various metals and alloys for aerospace, automotive and other industries.
    Manufacturers managed to double print speed (compared to competitors and smaller models), thanks to the fact that now uses two laser laser swords .

    The ProX 400 prints more than a dozen metals and alloys, including stainless and high alloy steel, aluminum and titanium.

    Now the printer can be “refilled” with cheaper nonspherical granules.

    The cooking chamber is automatically cleaned after printing, and unspent material can be reused. The printer is ready to print 15 minutes after the completion of the previous print cycle.

    There are already 2 lasers in the printer (and two scanners).

    The print area is half a meter to half a meter to half a meter.

    Specifications ProX 400
    Emitters: two fiber optic lasers with a power of 500 W each (optionally 1 kW each)
    Wavelength: 1070 nm
    Layer thickness: 10–100 microns
    Work area size: 500x500x500 mm
    Resolution on X and Y axes: 100 microns
    Resolution on Z axis: 20 microns
    Format files: .STL, .IGES, .STEP
    Interface: Ethernet 10/100 RJ45

    ProX 500 Plus, SLS, Composite Polymers

    In the video, the president and CEO of 3D Systems tells us about the upgrade of the successful ProX 500 printer model, which is used in the aerospace industry, medicine, electronics and in the production of consumer goods, now the printer can print even faster with new composite materials (more durable, more heat-resistant)

    It is worth noting a few points upgrade ProX500Plus:
    • smooth surfaces are now even smoother due to improved print resolution up to 0.45mm;
    • 64-bit software allows to process large STL files;
    • the printer can now print 30% faster than the Prox500;
    • new materials:
      • DuraForm ProX GF polyamide fiberglass (nylon). The use of this material is suitable for the manufacture of parts requiring high resistance to thermal loads.
      • DuraForm ProX AF + has high tensile strength. Demanded in mechanical engineering.
      • DuraForm ProX EX nylon. Durable, flexible material. Now you can not be afraid that thin-walled parts will crack or break.

    TTX ProX500Plus
    Model: ProX 500 Plus
    Manufacturer: 3D Systems

    Standard Print Mode

    Scanning speed: Fill: 12 m / s (472 in / s), Outline: 3.5 m / s (138 in / s)
    Layer thickness: Range: 0.08 - 0.15 mm (0.003 - 0.006 in), Typical: 0.10 mm (0.004 in)
    Volume build rate: 2 I / h

    Electrical Requirements

    Printer: 208 VAC / 7,5kVA, 50 / 60Hz, 3 PH
    MQC: 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, 1 PH


    Compatible Materials: DuraForm ProX, DuraForm ProX GF, DuraForm ProX AF +
    Print Envelope Capacity: 381 x 330 x 457 mm (15 x 13 x 18 in)
    Powder Layout: Variable Speed ​​Counter Rotating Roller
    Imaging System: ProScan ™ DX Digital High Speed
    Laser Power / Type: 100 W / CO2
    Accessories: ProX Material Quality Center (MQC) for automated material handling and recycling
    Dimensions Uncrated (W x D x H): 1744 x 1226 x 2295 cm (68.7 x 48.3 x 90.3 in)
    Weight Uncrated: 1360 kg (3000 lbs)

    ProX 800, SLA, photopolymers

    The video shows a stereolithographic printer and a large-scale prototype printed on it. The history of 3D printing and the creation of 3D Systems began with this technology.

    The Prox 800 can create very large parts from a high-quality photopolymer (which allows achieving excellent model accuracy and resolution), which is suitable for the production of prototypes of automobile parts, prototypes of optics, burn-out models, functional testing, temperature-resistant models, etc.

    Cheapness, high accuracy, high resolution high volume camera for printing

    TTX Prox 800

    New materials for the ProJet 5500X, elasticity, printing with multiple materials at the same time

    New elastomers (black and transparent) show excellent strength and tensile strength with the ability to stretch up to 7 times

    ProJet 5500X works on technology MJP (Multi Jet Printing) and is able to print simultaneously with several materials with different physical properties.

    Photo booth. 3d

    3D Me Photobooth is a 3D scanning system developed by 3D Systems. What is the point? Simply. In 15 seconds we take a picture and get a three-dimensional figure.

    Technology in everyday life

    Prototyping for designers on CubePro

    In the video, an industrial designer talks about his vision of art and how a 3D printer helps him do things of the future


    Own skate? Easy. (Marty, we're not all about ... whether )

    Prosthetic leg

    Using a 3D scanner and a 3D printer you can make life easier and restore mobility to those who previously could only dream about it.


    We help not only people, but also smaller brothers.

    Exoskeleton: get out of a wheelchair and walk

    Exoskeleton made on a ProX 500 printer

    Culinary design, sugar



    Admire the pictures (traffic)

















    A skateboard (board) was printed (only with an anti-gravity problem, although there is hope ):


    Glasses - printed:

    Sneakers - printed:

    Dronov - printed:


    mr. Fusion printed:


    Marty, there is hope!

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