Yahoo calls for switching to Firefox

    If you go to any Yahoo site today , you can see the “Upgrade to the new Firefox” link in the upper right corner of the browser, which leads to the Firefox download page. The link is shown to everyone who uses the browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Yandex.Browser, but is not available in Safari . Given that Yahoo has recently become the default search engine in the US version of Firefox, this campaign should not be surprising. Yahoo and Firefox are now partners. Moreover, Yahoo is beneficial for as many people as possible to install the Fire Fox: this will allow Yahoo to increase traffic (Yahoo's search engine runs on the Bing engine).

    Over the past few years, the share of Firefox has declined slightly, but is still very high. This is the second most popular browser after Chrome.

    Although changing the default search engine in the browser is a fairly trivial task, but most users do not bother with such actions. Now they are being sent to Yahoo, and the latter has made a special version of search results for Firefox users, which looks very similar to Google’s results, so that people have even less reason to change the search engine.

    In turn, the popularity of Firefox should increase slightly, which cannot but rejoice.

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