Fan localization of games on a professional level - is this possible?

    Good afternoon, fans of computer games!

    We start the experiment and invite you to take part in it.

    Our goal is to show users under what conditions fans of games and translations can work on real projects on a par with professionals.

    We have a game called Romans In My Carpet from indie developer Witching Hour Studios and an agreement on fan localization. We are missing only the fans - that is, you.


    Why did we choose this particular game? A strange question - it's a mobile sixteen-bit turn-based strategy! In addition, we met the developers on Casual Connect and liked each other - the guys from Witching Hour agreed to take part in the experiment, and we were interested in a well-written text with a pun, and other joys.

    Currently, Romans In My Carpet can be bought on Google Play and the Apple Store (builds are free for participants in the experiment). The game is completely in English. Accordingly, we plan to translate it into Russian.

    The experiment will consist of two parallel steps:

    1. We provide a group of volunteers (6 people) with build games, all game texts and contacts of other participants in the experiment. Then they organize their work themselves, divide the text into equal parts between team members and translate using their usual tools.

      The result is evaluated by our editors, experienced translators of computer games, and volunteers receive detailed feedback.
    2. Another team of volunteers is taken “under the wing” of professional editors and project managers and takes part in the full process of professional localization as a translator, including input testing. This means that we select a team of six volunteers based on small test tasks.

    According to the results of the experiment, participants also receive detailed feedback with recommendations on the development of translation skills.

    The only thing to remember is that the work is not paid by the customer, therefore, for our part, we can promise only intangible remuneration:
    • Translation challenge - the original text is interestingly written and contains, among other things, a pun. This means that the translation will need to be creative.
    • The ability to get into the credits of the game at the end of the project.
    • Invaluable experience working with professionals in the field of localization.

    At the end of the experiment, we will write a review article in which we will talk about all aspects of working with localization fans and interview you. If you are interested in participating in the experiment, send a short request to with the subject Localization Experiment, and also indicate which group of volunteers you want to be a member of.

    Hurry up - the number of places is limited!

    PS Friends, the first team is fully recruited , but you can still have time to try your hand at the second team.

    We remind you that there is a “competition” for the second team (before joining its ranks, we will ask you to take a small test task, the essence of which is to translate a piece of text).

    If you decide, send an application . In the subject line, write “Localization Experiment”.

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