Rovio's profit is halved, 110 employees will be laid off

    The Finnish company Rovio, best known for its Angry Birds mobile app, has announced that it will dismiss 110 of its employees in connection with the “reorganization” and will also close its game studio in the Finnish city of Tampere. Previously, the company had to leave 130 people with about 800 employees.

    Angry Birds is known as the most downloaded application in the world, as well as a kind of meme used among geeks when it was necessary to illustrate the fact that the power of modern smartphones is used for such a dubious purpose as “launching birds in pigs”. Rovio experienced the greatest success in 2012, when users downloaded more than a billion copies of Angry Birds.

    According to the financial reportthe company, its net profit last year amounted to 26.9 million euros, while in 2012 - 55.5 million - in other words, it decreased by about half, despite the fact that the company produces a fairly large number of other games, attributes in the style of Angry Birds, is financing various game projects in many countries and even makes films.

    In addition, as noted in the report, the number of downloads of Angry Birds crossed the line of 2 billion copies. Thus, to the Gangnam Style record, the game has relatively little left.

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