51% of traffic in Runet falls on mobile devices

    November 2014 was the first month in the history of the Russian Internet, when the number of users from mobile devices exceeded the number of connected stationary computers. According to LiveInternet statistics , in November 51% of the Russian audience accessed the Network from mobile devices, and only 49% from stationary.

    This is confirmed by statistics on operating systems. Android OS came first in terms of popularity, even ahead of Windows 7.

    The graph shows how much Android's audience has grown over the past two and a half years: tenfold growth.

    In total, the “mobile” Runet audience in November amounted to 31.1 million people.

    “This is the trend that VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks were the first to show,” saysLiveInternet owner German Klimenko. - It is communication services that have become the growth driver. Their consumption is becoming important for the Russians. A new communication environment is being formed - people are always in touch. ”

    Oleg Ulyansky, general director of the Tweedi children's social network, also draws attention to the fact that more and more children are going online. And they use mainly mobile gadgets: “Parents give tablets to almost infants. The model range is updated quickly, adults buy a new model for themselves, and give the older ones to children. It’s more difficult for a modern child to work with a “mouse” than with a touchscreen. ”

    It is also interesting that mobile gadgets for surfing are for some reason more popular with the strong half: more than 52% of men access the Network through mobile devices, and more than 51% of women via desktop computers. This is probably due to a more active lifestyle that men lead: they move more than women.

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