Yo Bitch: Aaron Paul launches messenger for iPhone

    Hollywood stars nothing human is alien. Many of them are actively interested in startups and IT-technologies, they are willing to invest in them (DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, Ashton Kutcher) or release programs and applications under their own “personal” brand (Tom Hanks). It is characteristic that they pay special attention as a field of activity to their “apple” mobile iOS platform.

    The most recent example is the star of the series Breaking Bad (in Russia "Breaking Bad") Aaron Paul. According to Venture Beat, citing the actor’s “Twitter”, an messenger appeared in the App Store , called a quote from the movie, with the release of which the actor became famous.

    If you look, the messenger is a clone of the viral phenomenon of the Israeli startup YO, which spread to millions of devices earlier this year, and then received a million investments with its extremely modest functions - send a single word to your contact list.

    Aaron Paul's messenger (abbreviated "YB") also sends uncomplicated "greetings" to friends, relatives and acquaintances, the form of which can be selected from several options. Moreover, you can send and receive audio messages recorded by the voice of Jesse Pinkman himself (that is, Aaron Paul who played it).

    To do this, you need to register in the application and enter your mobile number. As in Viber and Whatsapp, the instant messenger immediately exports a contact book from iPhone. Now click on the name of the contact, select the phrase, and click "Submit."

    It is noteworthy that the application, although free to download, is clearly designed not for the purpose of amusement. To unlock additional "packages", you need to pay $ 0.99 for each. The application appeared on the App Store yesterday, but apparently did not attract much attention from the audience. Today, the actor gave him a “kick”, occasionally promoting him on his Twitter.

    Earlier in an interview, Aaron Paul repeatedly said that fans sometimes get him out to replicate Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase, so there’s nothing wrong with making a little money from it.

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