LeakSmart smart valve helps to avoid a flood in the house

    In anticipation of the upcoming cold winter, Lowe's, which owns a chain of home improvement retailers, has added an original new device to its Iris home automation product line. LeakSmart is a smart water valve that automatically shuts off water when a pipe breaks.

    The device itself was introduced back in January of this year as part of the CES international exhibition of consumer electronics, but only now has the opportunity to purchase it appeared. In fact, this is an automated ball valve connected to the network, which is built into the home water supply and sewage system. You can control LeakSmart from anywhere on the planet, thanks to wireless access and a host of other sensors from the Iris series that the valve interacts with. You can also configure triggers to automatically activate the device.

    Suppose the house has heating turned off. If the temperature drops below zero, the pipe will burst. The Iris humidity sensor detects a leak and signals the valve to shut off the water. This is the worst case scenario. Ideally, you can prevent a flood by setting the Iris temperature sensor to turn off the water before the temperature drops to a critical minimum.

    “Many of our customers suffered serious losses from bays and floods due to burst pipes. The smart valve provides a new level of protection for the home and minimizes damage, ”said Kevin Miger, vice president and general manager of Smart Home at Lowe's.

    The only difficulty may arise when installing the device. Unlike Water Hero (a similar device that is a nozzle on the main valve and closes it in case of leakage), to install Smart Valve you will need to call a plumber, at a minimum. But you can buy Smart Valve now for $ 160, while supplies of Water Hero will begin only next year.

    Posted by: Dima Figol
    Based on: Wearable Technologies

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