Black Friday 2014: a topic for collecting good offers

    Before the start of Black Friday, the period of global sales, there were only a few hours left. In the US, BlackFriday officially starts at night. This corresponds to approximately 9 o'clock in the morning in Moscow - the very case when the time difference plays into our hands.

    In this topic, we, Shopozz company , specializing in the delivery of parcels from the USA (actually from many countries, but now we are talking only about the USA), would like to collect the most interesting offers on electronics that can be found on sale. Despite the fact that BlackFriday starts only on Friday, many stores are already posting great deals that are hard to get past. Well, starting on Friday, these proposals will be even greater.

    To begin with, a small spoonful of tar - a discount of more than 60-70% will be on completely stale goods. And sitting and just waiting for her is an empty exercise. But 25-40% - this is a very real discount on the device, released this year. Therefore, if you see the right thing at a good price - take it, otherwise the copies will simply end.

    How to search. First of all, go to the BlackFriday section on Amazon. Hourly there are offers at a big discount. For example, at the time of writing, the Nikon D7000 camera was available for $ 650 with a 32% discount. In Russia, the device costs around 36 thousand.

    In addition, you can search for interesting offers in the corresponding section of Gizmodo. At the time of writing, the most interesting suggestions were:

    5 terabyte external hard driveSeagate Backup Plus 5TB USB 3.0 for $ 140

    E-reader // "/>

    Peeble Hours for $ 79 (I came across a couple of proposals for $ 75, but they are no longer available)

    Hours on Android Wear LG G Watch for $ 150

    camera GoPro Hero3 (previous generation) for $ 200

    tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 "16GB for $ 399 (discount of $ 100)

    Good SSD-disk Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5-Inch SATA III for $ 59 (discount of 52% , 250Gb - for $ 109) You

    can also search on specialized sites like For example, a Jawbone Up24 fitness bracelet was found there for $ 69 ($ 50 discount).

    There you can also find offers for laptop bags. If you looked at something interesting in this topic about bags, but the price scared you off, it's time to check if there is a good discount on the right model. For example, the same Timbuk2 makes a discount of up to 70% on its wonderful bags with a lifetime warranty.

    In Russian, discount offers are available on the website (I note that the domain is in the RU zone) in the BlackFriday section. To view, you must register. The service is an intermediary between those who do not like to communicate and fill out forms in English and foreign stores. For a small percentage Shopozz will arrange and bring the ordered goods.

    Well, for those who are in English with you and are used to ordering everything yourself, there is - providing Mail Forwarding services, i.e. parcel forwarding services to any address in the CIS.

    Have you found anything interesting? Please write in the comments if you find something worthwhile at a good price. Let's, according to the old Habr tradition, make comments more valuable than the topic itself.

    I remind you that you are reading a blog. Shopozz will gladly, at a low price and in a guaranteed time, deliver everything from the USA and other countries. I also remind you that Shopozz provides a free service of combining several parcels into one, which allows you to buy a lot of pleasant things as gifts and significantly save on shipping. Subscribe to our Giktayms blog not to miss interesting articles and reviews. Have a nice shopping with Shopozz !

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