The solar battery turns behind the sun

    One-year-old sunflower, or oilseed Sunflower, has an interesting property: heliotropism. This property of plants to change their position under the influence of light was first described by Leonardo Da Vinci, and the concept itself was introduced in the 19th century by Augustin Decandol Sr. This property inspired the creators of the Smartflower solar battery - it is not in vain that it is in tune with Sunflower.

    The device is relatively compact and capable of folding independently. Relatively - because it can be transported to another place in the truck. It works autonomously - you just need to turn it on, after which the "flower" monitors the position of the sun and turns to it to get the maximum light.

    What Smartflower can do:

    - Monitor the position of the sun using GPS, even in cloudy weather
    - Self-cleaning.
    - Feel the strength of the wind and turn around in a safe position.
    - Fold and unfold.


    Rated Power: 2.13 kilowatts peak.
    Rated power, taking into account the biaxial tracking of the position of the sun: 3.2 kilowatts peak.
    Type of panels: monocrystalline.
    Weight: 1000 kg
    Temperature: -20 ° C to +60 ° C
    Fasteners: Six bolts.



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