Sloboda: discovery and plans for the future

    Over the past few weeks, life in the Sloboda has been constantly boiling and seething. We completed repairs, held two startup schools in a row at once and organized the grand opening of our center.

    In full compliance with the 80/20 rule, 20% of improvements gave 80% of the impressions of the site, but they also demanded - well, if not 80% of the effort and time, then definitely not less than 60%. For example, noise-insulating foam rubber on the ceiling and walls dramatically improved the acoustics of our rooms and gave the interior a new look. Curtains began to create the necessary half-light for presentations on the projector. The sign made our building more visible. Crushed stone on the territory allowed to place several recreation areas and smoking areas on the street. All this was not 2 weeks ago.

    We built, built ...

    Despite minor difficulties, we did not pull and began to host large events. The first was the Sprint startup school , organized by the IIDF. For two days, September 19-20, theoretical and practical classes were held on our site for those who want to start their own business on the Internet or find an idea for a project.

    Two weeks later, on October 3-5, we accepted participants from another school: IT schools of the Crimean Federal District. It was intended for those who want to start their own IT business, and represented three days of practical training and group work. Participants discussed many topics, from the most basic (how the innovation ecosystem of Russia is structured) to more specific ones (how to search and evaluate business ideas, what is a “lean startup” and how to conduct an effective presentation).

    We coincided with this school the long-awaited event - the grand opening of the Sloboda. But we will not write about him, because we have already written everything here .

    ... and finally built,

    The site that we have succeeded in combining coworking, a conference area and office space.

    Coworking is designed for 70 residents who are provided with jobs and all the necessary infrastructure. All residents have unlimited access to high-speed Internet , personal work space (fixed or floating, depending on the tariff), the right to use office equipment. Plus, they can attend most events for free, use the kitchen (there is always tea, coffee, water, fruits and cookies), a library, car parking and bike parking. For an additional fee, we will provide a meeting room and organize an event.

    The conference zone is two halls, large and small, which we rent out for a variety of events. Of course, as a center of technological entrepreneurship, we are more inclined to host technology and business conferences, master classes, schools and other business and educational events. But not only: we will be happy to host events of any other directions. A large area of ​​107 m2, depending on the format of the event, can accommodate up to 150 people; small - 42.5 m2, up to 40 people will fit here. The halls are equipped with everything necessary: ​​a projector, boards, a large number of chairs, wifi and sockets, and a large hall with microphones. By additional agreement, we will help with the placement of participants in the event, catering, additional equipment, stationery and even blankets.

    The office space consists of 3 offices on the second floor of our building, which you can rent as a whole and put the startup team or the local office / department of a large company there. Thus, you don’t have to look for a room on your own, the office will be cheaper than a regular office, and we will take care of all the infrastructure. In addition, with the necessary isolation and solitude, you at the same time remain in the thick of things and can take part in our events.


    Now that the discovery has taken place, a symbol of the fact that everything is completely ready, a new stage begins: systematic daily work. Here we have big plans, and our colleagues and excellent specialists will help us in their implementation - four people, headed by Pavel Berman, who made the St. Petersburg "Zone of Action". In the coming days, they will fly to us from St. Petersburg and will work with us to make Sloboda the first option that comes to mind when searching for a coworking or office in Crimea in the coming year.

    What we plan to do:
    • launch special subscriptions for permanent residents, which will combine a pass for access to the Sloboda building and a discount or bonus of various institutions in Sevastopol
    • to hold landlines and provide them with everyone
    • start providing residents with private advice on any issues or assistance in finding experts for advice
    • organize for residents a preferential or free attendance at events at partner sites
    • to organize a support system for nonresident residents: assistance with relocation, re-registration of legal entities, etc.
    • start forming an educational program

    Now we are processing the tariff schedule and will soon publish a new one on the website and in social networks. Our task is to use all available methods and tools in order to create a large-scale IT center capable of providing any conceivable services to freelancers, startups and IT companies.

    And, as always, see you in Sloboda!

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