Hacking-resistant mail service ProtonMail is under strong DDoS attack

    If you have not tried ProtonMail service from CERN specialists, then it is worth a try. True, only after this postal service starts working normally again. The fact is that now the service is under a powerful DDoS attack, which has been going on since Tuesday.

    In an appeal to users, the creators of the service report that the attack is carried out by unknown persons, and as a result of the problem now, not only the service itself, but also third-party organizations that work with ProtonMail.

    To carry out the attack, IP flooding is used. The problem now concerns not only the mail service, but the entire data center where the mail service servers are located. As a result, interruptions in work are also observed in the services / sites of other companies that depend on this data center. These are several banks and telecommunication companies.

    Despite all attempts to solve the problem, this has not yet been possible, and the support team works almost around the clock, trying to still find a way to eliminate the attack.

    Support notes that despite interruptions in the service itself, encryption remains unaffected, and all user data is safe.

    The motives of the attackers are still unknown. ProtonMail uses its official Twitter account to keep users informed of the problem.

    Let me remind you that ProtonMail is an email service created by experts on network security and CERN. The goal is to launch a mailer in the robot, which would be completely protected from the influence of intelligence services of any country.

    Back in May last year, news appeared on Habr that several employees of the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN) created the mail service ProtonMail. This email service is one of the most secure in the world. For example, all information is encrypted on the client side, and all service servers are located in Switzerland.

    In this country, it is very difficult, if at all possible, to gain access to someone else’s private information. In general, the service can surpass the recently closed Lavabit, which was used by Edward Snowden, which was also written about in Habré .
    For user authorization, two-factor authentication is used, with two passwords. One password is used to enter your own account, as well as to get your own data in encrypted form. The second password gives access to the encryption key, with which all information is brought in a readable form. At the same time, the second password cannot be restored - the support service will not help in case of losing the password.

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