Amendments to the Mizulina bill on dp. The imitation remained, despite all the promises

    Amendments to the infamous bill were published today . All of them were authorship of Mizulina, and all of their responsible committee recommended that they be accepted for second reading. The second and possibly third reading is planned to be carried out on Friday, March 25th. Updated: on March 24, at a meeting of the Federation Council, the second reading was postponed to a later date, most likely to April 12 .

    The Council postponed consideration at a meeting of the State Duma of draft federal law No. 113185-6

    According to Pavel Krasheninnikov, the second reading will take place at a plenary meeting on April 12 or 13.


    All that has been done is the date of the entry into force of the law from January 2017 to the spring of 2016 has been shifted, and the definitions are slightly reformulated.
    “Notes. 1. Materials and objects
    with pornographic images of minors in this article and article 2422 of this Code are understood to be materials
    and objects containing any image or description for sexual purposes: the
    genital organs of a minor fully or partially naked;
    a minor committing or imitating sexual intercourse or other acts of a sexual nature;
    sexual intercourse or other sexual acts committed against or involving a minor;
    an adult person portraying a minor committing or imitating sexual intercourse or other acts of a sexual nature.

    As we see, nothing has changed in comparison with the first reading, but in her speech she will have the opportunity to say that "all the comments were taken into account."

    The legal department demanded to remove the paragraph on imitation, but his opinion was not taken into account.
    The responsible committee - the State Duma Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation - approved all the amendments by Mizulina and has already formed a text for a second reading, taking into account these amendments.
    If the responsible committee recommends something to be adopted, then this bill is adopted in its current form in almost all cases. You can read in the transcripts of meetings or watch the video .

    I remind you that the main suppliers of convicts under 242 and 242.1 articles are three things -
    1. Uploading videos and pictures on social networks.
    2. Local file-sharing networks, such as DC.
    3. Global file-sharing networks - torrents, eDonkey, sharease, etc.

    Comrades from the Ministry of Internal Affairs are very fond of writing about those who have been caught, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the practice on the basis of their victorious reports:
    Ordinary porn
    and “childish” I

    also remind you that through the efforts of the same Mizulina, the term for disseminating ordinary pornography in 2009 was increased from 2 to 6 years, it has become a serious crime.

    Now for hentai and school uniforms on actresses, the term will grow up to 10 years, plus pedophilia has been added as a bonus.

    And here you can see what exactly our authorities consider dp.
    For all the images there, according to all the rules, an examination was carried out, etc.

    Satire, we thought.
    Thicken paints, we thought.

    Lord, even in one country of the world "imitation" with adults is equated to dp?

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