Over 30 sites blocked in India

    Now access to some of them has been restored

    A number of media reports that more than 290 million Internet users in India have lost access to 32 sites. Among them there are important and popular projects: GitHub, Pastebin, Vimeo video hosting, the world famous Internet Archive . The reason for the blocking is the use of these services by the propaganda of the Islamic state.

    User "Twitter" Pranesh Prakash leads the list of blocked resources. As you can see, the sites on the list were not created to propagate extremism and incite conflicts. These are the usual services populated by users, mainly sites for hosting text or code. Due to the posting of some prohibited content, they were completely blocked. Access already restored

    Gist GitHub , Weebly, Vimeo and Dailymotion Video Hosting. But most (28) remain unavailable, among them SourceForge and a huge variety of services popular with the provided code exchange feature.

    On December 17, the Indian Telecommunications Department issued a warning to Internet providers about the need to block access to 32 sites on the basis of Article 69A of the Information Technology Act of 2000. The reason for inclusion in the list is the placement of jihadist propaganda . Pastebin was the

    first to notice the lock on December 19 last year.

    It is stated that sites that will cooperate and remove problematic content will be unblocked.

    Internet users from India have already startedactively discuss locks and look for ways to get around them .

    In June 2014, a court order in India blocked access to 472 file sharing sites, including Google Docs and The Pirate Bay. Then the reason was a complaint from Sony Entertainment: the company's files were stolen as a result of hacking and began to spread rapidly on the Web.

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