Tesla was sued for an accident in which the driver and passenger Model S died

    What remained of the Tesla Model S, which had an accident in May 2018.

    In May last year, the Tesla Model S electric car left the road on the sidewalk, crashing into a concrete wall. After that, the car caught fire. Driver Barrett Riley and passenger Edgar Martinez could not get out of the vehicle and died in the fire. The third passenger, who was in the backseat, survived - the rescuers took him out of the car.

    Now the parents of the victims filed a lawsuit , accusing Tesla of the fact that its actions led to the accident and the death of teenagers. The fact is that the parents of the deceased set a speed limit of 130 km / h. But a week later, the restriction was removed by employees of the Tesla service center, and the owners of the electric vehicle were not notified.

    According to representatives of the prosecution, Tesla employees were negligent in relation to the Tesla Model S service. The speed limit was not just set - the teenager's parents did not want him to drive too fast on the roads.

    The charge stated that the car was "defective and dangerous" because it had instantly ignited in a collision with a concrete wall. According to the parents of the deceased, the battery received poor protection against fire, and as a result, the fire destroyed both the driver and the passenger.

    Lawyers who are hired by the family of the deceased, build a line of accusation on the basis of incidents that have already happened, during which Tesla electric cars caught fire . Representatives of the company itself say that in a collision with a wall at high speed, a regular car will light up. An indirect confirmation is the statistics of the National Fire Protection Association. According to her, annually in the United States about 150 thousand cars are caught in an emergency.

    “We sympathize with the family of the deceased. Unfortunately, no car is able to withstand a collision with a concrete wall at high speed, ”a Tesla spokesman said.

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