STALKER 2 - the project continues Bethesda

    A long and complicated story with the successful Ukrainian project STALKER, which was frozen for unclear reasons by the head of GSC Sergey Grigorovich last year, after which the development team split off from the team, which in turn founded the company VOSTOK games and started developing the Survarium game in the usual post-apocalyptic spirit, received an informal follow-up.

    Today, a blog post by Sergey Galenkin (a source very close to the industry - former marketing director of 1C-Softklab Ukraine, director of the retail division of Softprom, editor-in-chief of Gameplay magazine) posted an entry from which it follows that the STALKER 2 project is not ceased to exist due to obscure events around the studio last year, but on the contrary, the publisher of the project is the well-known company Bethesda, which is famous for such games as Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls.

    Nothing is traditionally known about the details of the development of the project and the release date, except for some details about the fact that the new game is made immediately for PC and for consoles. It also explains the fact that the rights to STALKER are already the property of Bethesda - Sergey Grigorovich retained the rights to related materials: books, films, etc.

    Regarding the reliability of this information, the author of the blog claims that " ... what is written below is obtained from very reliable sources that I trust, but are not official information. Please keep this in mind ."

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