New Year, New GitHub: Unlimited Free Private Repositories
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Today we are announcing two important innovations on GitHub that will make it more accessible for developers: unlimited free private repositories and a more convenient product for companies. Details under the cut!

  • GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their projects by adding up to three collaborators to the repository for free. Many developers want to use private repositories to work on third-party projects or to try something privately before publishing it publicly. Starting today, these and many other scenarios are possible on GitHub for free. Publicly accessible repositories are free and include an unlimited number of collaborators.
  • GitHub Enterprise is a new unified product for the Enterprise Cloud (formerly GitHub Business Cloud) and the Enterprise Server (formerly GitHub Enterprise). Organizations that need the flexibility to use GitHub in a cloud or offline configuration can now access both at the same price. And thanks to GitHub Connect, these products can be reliably interconnected, providing a hybrid version that allows developers to work without problems in any environment.

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GitHub Pro (formerly GitHub Developer) and the GitHub Team are also available for developers and teams that need professional coding and collaboration features. And, of course, open source projects will have everything you need to collaborate on publicly available repositories, including our free version of the GitHub Team.

Whether you're a student who is going to write your first line of code, or a company manager with teams all over the world, we want GitHub to be the best place for you to write code, collaborate, and communicate with the global developer community. Today's changes are a big investment in the future of GitHub, and we will be very pleased with all your projects, conceived and created in 2019.

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