Can’t access AdWords? What to do?

For a week, providers have been blocking the IP addresses of the Telegram service. In addition to the service itself, a number of other companies fell under the lock. Many advertisers have had serious problems accessing their Google AdWords account.

We offer you useful tips on how to bypass the blocking and use your Google AdWords account in your account.

If the ad office is not available, try using a proxy server.

We use the FriGate CDN extension. Download link .

After installing the extension for the browser, go to the utility settings - right-click on the “Settings” icon:


Create a new list:


By clicking on the name of the list, enter it and add the required addresses:


By a similar algorithm, you can add any services that do not work after blocking.
For example, Toogle or Google Academy.


We hope that this instruction will be useful to you and nothing will interfere with your effective work! Have a nice day!

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