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Once I read in one article, which now I can not find, the statements of the director of one startup, “unicorn” [a private company with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion / approx. trans. ] that many people didn’t like. Such things are generally indecent to talk about other people. Moreover, such things should not even be thought of in relation to other people - however, this citizen obviously did not cope with this. People gasped at the audacity with which it was said about these things, but at the same time they missed the fact that many actually think that way. Even today.

And I'm not talking about racism or sexism. It was about older people in the field of technology.

As far as I remember, it was about the following: it is believed that you have to go into this business, make money, and turn off, that is, retire. You sell your junk and travel the world, occasionally writing articles on Medium. Well, the whole pyramid of desires, cut in?

Version of Maslow's Pyramid for Silicon Valley. Bottom up:
- buy a T-shirt with a brand to establish identity
- a free meal at work, including coffee from trendy coffee houses
- do yoga, take part in Burning Man
- buy a Tesla car
- become a business angel
- do meaningful meditation
- sell your junk, take vacation for a year
- quit and travel
- write articles on Medium with tips for other people on how to live properly

Therefore, if you are still here and seemingly old, then something is wrong here. And in the article it came down to two options.

The first opportunity - dude is just awesome cool. This is one of those people that already zashib dough, and now hanging out at work just because he loves this thing. He does not need to do this.

The second - the dude is the opposite of coolness, and managed not to hurt the dough, despite the fact that he spent a lot of time in this business. Nifiga not earned, lives from paycheck to paycheck, needs a workplace. In general, since he did not make it to the top, despite his old age, he can be considered a sucker.

Both options are so far from reality that it is not even funny. However, there are people who believe in this, coming from these principles and applying them to other people - to those whom they interview, hire, promote, and, yes, they are dismissed.

Does anyone remember this post or news? I'm trying to find him.

If you have not yet understood, people with a similar style of thinking have eliminated any intermediate options for all people who, from their point of view, are not young enough. If you cannot be incredible and amazing every minute, then you are rubbish - otherwise what are you still doing here?

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical reasoning. Recently, my friend, who is already over 50, told me about the conversation he had with his manager. In short, the manager asked a question to which I do not cease to be surprised:
Why are you still working?
With such a short phrase, the manager managed to express so much at once. First, the worker is considered "old." Based on this, why can he not afford to quit? Why he did not go to the Around the World? What's wrong with him, why can't he win the jackpot? Considering all these years spent on his career, why is he so lame?

I will say frankly: this is a phrase that was not taken out of context and said by one friend to another, such as “if you have so many attendants, why do you still work” This was a direct hostile question posed by the manager, not smart enough to know that such questions make the company's lawyers in business worried because the lawsuits on discrimination started in less time.

And yes, my friend does not suck. He is going to move to another job and achieve success there, after which everyone who follows the development of events will understand that the problem was the company.

If you need to put together a healthy team, you will need a mix of different people. By cutting down entire segments of your company's employees simply because you don’t see their values, you’ll harm yourself.

Believe it or not, believe it or not, but this is taught in high school in economics classes. And, by the way, in state schools. Discrimination does not pay off.

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