The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 250 (April 16 - April 22)

    We are slowly approaching the anniversary issue and in our next release Wear OS, behavioral design, reactive programming, the present and future of Unity, the latest Mobius review, big goals and recognition on small devices.

    She is not Android for you. Features of development under Wear OS

    When I started developing the application for watches, I did not find a single Russian-language publication on this topic. Therefore, I want to share my experience and tell you more about Wear OS, what it consists of and how to work with it. I ask all not indifferent to mobile technologies under cat.

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    • (+12) Online course on iOS development for beginners from Redmadrobot and Contented
    • (+12) Thunkable X - free browser-based development environment for mobile applications for iOS and Android
    • (+7) What's new in AppCode 2018.1
    • (+ 7) Reactive programming in Objective-C
    • (+5) Perfect exit offline from online
    Apple posted FoundationDB in open source
    A / B testing in Firebase: Part 2
    imageIntroduction to UILayoutGuide
    imagePrototyping animations in Swift
    imageMaking a Foursquare clone for iOS


    • (+28) Android background tutorial . Part 4: RxJava
    • (+23) We are writing the plugin for Unity correctly. Part 2: Android
    • (+17) Reports from the Android Paranoid mitap
    • (+11) Modular development of Android applications
    • (+10) Optimization of Android applications for working with Samsung DeX docking station
    Android development study plan for beginners
    imageAndroid Dev Podcast. Issue 61. News. D8, KTX, Constraint Layout 2, Flutter and text parsers
    imageAndroid Dev Podcast. Issue 62. Mobius
    image9 Google Play alternatives
    imageAndroid Things Release Candidate
    imageLab Android Paging
    image25 new libraries, projects and tools for Android developers in spring 2018
    imageWhat's new in constraint layout 1.1.0
    imageNew podcast: Inside Facebook Mobile
    imageExplore Android Design Support Library v28


    • (+18) HMD + Kinect = Augmented Virtuality
    • (+11)Tips for creating applications by the end of enrollment in the Yandex School of Mobile Development
    • (+11) How Sberbank Online applications work: Workflow APIs and frameworks
    All engineers can program, but not all programmers can be engineers: what is the difference?
    Podlodka # 55: Mobile App Design
    What you need and what you don’t need to do during Code Review
    Google has released Grasshopper programming training application
    Line launches a platform for game developers
    Developer Diaries: Babycare No. 2
    How big goals can make you unhappy
    AppTractor Podcast: Agile and Scrum
    imageUnity Roadmap 2018
    imageI made PWA and published it in three app stores: lessons
    imageStop calling it “dark UX”
    imageHow to create an emotional interface for boring applications
    imageBasics of animation in Flutter
    imageTime, cost, quality - what to choose for application development
    imageWhat's new in Firebase Authentication
    imageThe latest trend in developer interviews is days of unpaid work

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • (+17) How to improve a UX product? Epic Growth Story with CEO
    • (+12) Cat experiments: how to increase the number of purchases in the application
    • (+11) Services for selecting keywords on the App Store: comparative characteristic
    • (+4) History of gaming analytics platforms
    Zara promotes products through augmented reality
    Marketing games with zero budget
    Android vs iOS: which users are more disposed to tip
    Yaron Tomchin (Mobupps) on the results of AdTech India 2018
    Free book “Digital Behavioral Design”
    • The average iPhone user spent $ 58 on app purchases in 2017
    imageTop 10 tips before launching the app
    imageUX hacks to grow AI, Devices, IoT subscriptions

    • (+59) Associative rules, or beer with diapers
    Detecting objects using Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi
    USA banned ZTE and the company may lose Android
    imageBest monitor for programming
    imageDeepMotion: movements for AI-based games
    imageHow to make sense 100 billions of events per day

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