Instrumentation for monitoring periscope perturbations

    In connection with all known circumstances, the site monitoring service HostTracker offers the opportunity to use our tools for free to inform the public, collect statistics and other interesting things. The goal is to save everyone. Well, or at least crawl in that direction. What and how can be done, as well as our recommendations for those whom this phenomenon has already affected or could potentially affect - under the cut.

    Competition of ideas or use your health

    When it all started, we noticed a significant surge in the statistics on the use of our site verification feature . Moreover - some time ago we even had a special option that allows you to regularly check the availability of a site in the Roskomnadzor database and notifies you if something happens. Therefore, we decided that we are ready to contribute to a good cause and help all those who suffer. If you have an interesting idea of ​​what and how to check for identifying interesting features of locks, timely detection of something important, creating interesting and informative statistics - you are welcome. Write to us, we will provide a free service for the implementation of your plan. Well, even if there is no such idea (yet) - 30 days Our service is free for all, without exception.

    What to do to always be in the know

    We have developed several recommendations on how to benefit from our functionality in this situation.

    1. An instant check of the site will allow you to immediately find out if the site is not in the list of banned, and whether it accidentally hit. As they say, without registration, SMS and all that:

    2. Regular check of the site for getting into the lists of Roskomnadzor. A minute of your time - and for a maximum of 8 hours you will learn about blocking, if one is not lucky enough to happen with your site, via email or SMS.

    3. Monitoring HTTP from the Russian Federation.Thus, you can catch the moment when the site stops loading from the territory of the Russian Federation. The address may not get into the database, but may be blocked due to the addition of entire ranges of IPs to the database. Also, it can then be removed from there (hope is still warming). All sorts of other interesting things related to blocking may happen. This function is the practical side of the issue. Shows when the site becomes truly inaccessible. By the way, not only because of the lock, but also covers many other problems along the way.

    4. HTTP monitoring: comparison of the Russian Federation vs other countries. And this can help filter out global failures from those that affect only Russian users. NUANCE: it is necessary to check different pages of the site, one page cannot be checked twice - this is protection against DDoS.

    Harsh reality

    The essence of the whole mess is that it hurts the uninvolved. For example, such a site is not prohibited. However, access to it may already be difficult:

    Imagine that you are working with this technology, and suddenly the documentation disappears. How are you feeling?

    We are now thinking what more can be done. If you have any suggestions as soon as possible to finish something in order to benefit the Internet community - we will be grateful for the ideas and ready to cooperate.

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