Video from the first Badoo PHP Meetup 04/07/2018

    Hello, Habr!

    On April 7, we first put together the PHP community at the Badoo office. Thanks to everyone who came to chat and those who were online with us!

    It seems that the pahéps were hungry for mitaps. The meeting turned out to be very sincere - the conversations for life and PHP from afterpaty moved to afterchat, which is still active (no matter what).

    But back to our reports. Under the cut - speeches, slides, guest comments and a photo report.

    - “Analyzing the code with PHPStan”

    Nikita Sapogov, Citylink, teamlead

    Nikita showed how he uses the PHPStan static analyzer in his project and talked about the advantages of this tool (spoiler: improves code quality and saves time on review).


    - “Secure Interoperability in Distributed Systems”

    Alexey Solodky, Badoo, PHP-developer

    The story is devoted to the problem of distributed interaction between different parts of the infrastructure. Alexey talked about how to provide secure synchronous communication between a monolith in PHP and a bunch of different services. His report was the best rated by the guests, congratulations!


    - “Profiling PHP code in Badoo: XHProf aggregator”

    Grigory Kuzovnikov, Badoo, PHP-developer

    Report on why code should be periodically profiled, and how to do it with XHProf. Gregory also explained why the functionality of the original XHProf is not enough, and showed our solution - XHProf aggregator - which gives an order of magnitude more features.


    - “In the case of API apocalypse, use GraphQL!”

    Kirill Nesmeyanov SerafimArts The

    report is devoted to the problem of current API implementations, GraphQL server technology stack theory as a “silver bullet” in solving problems, as well as GraphQL SDL language and its development in the form of a dialect in the framework of Railt framework .


    Photo of the day: when dad really needs PHP-mitap :)

    Photos are on Facebook and VKontakte . The entire mitap playlist is on the YouTube channel . Come to our little PHP chat to chat about sore and discuss interesting!

    See you soon, stay tuned.

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