We invite you to a workshop on React Native from the developer GeekBrains

    Hello! Friends, on April 20 we invite you to the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. GeekBrains developer Daniil Skripnik will talk about his experience with React Native, its features, and also teach participants how to write a cross-platform messenger application. Program and registration - under the cut.

    React Native is a frame for developing native mobile JavaScript applications for iOS and Android created on Facebook. Its advantages are the use of a single code base for two platforms, widespread PL, familiar from React patterns, as well as the level of abstraction, which potentially allows you to expand the number of end platforms.

    Daniil Skripnik has been engaged in front-end development in JavaScript for 3 years. He met with React Native technology two years ago and created 5 applications on it. One of them - a crypto wallet - raised $ 15 million at the ICO.

    Workshop program:

    16.30 - 17.00 Theoretical part.
    We will understand:

    • How React Native works and what are its advantages.
    • What are the differences between React Native and React.
    • What are the alternatives to React Native - their advantages and disadvantages.

    17.00 - 18.30 The practical part, part 1
    We will create a small application and immediately launch it on the phone. In the development process, we will learn:

    • Set up the environment and connect third-party libraries.
    • Work with routing in the application.
    • Use special tools for developing mobile applications and debug the application.
    • Create a build for Android and iOS.

    18.30 - 18.45 Break

    18.45 - 20.30 Practical part, part 2
    This part will be devoted to the development of the chat.

    Workshop start: 16:30.
    Address: Leningradsky prospect, 39, p. 79, office of Mail.Ru Group.

    To participate, you must register here . Do not forget to bring your passport and laptop, see you!

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