Divorce as it is (or "confirmation of confirmation of strife!")

    For a long time I have not come across such a beautiful social divorce for action (see under cat). Against the background of the story with locks and tightening the nuts in general, it is all the more pleasant to see that someone managed to write such a harsh tone - after all, individual citizens will behave!


    I think it’s time for shared hosting to start filtering variables passed to scripts, although the variable name, I am sure, is different in each case.

    I received a letter allegedly on behalf of RU-CENTER in a mailbox opened for administrative purposes, with the following text:

    Dear Customer!

    In accordance with the changes made to the ICANN RAA, you must confirm that the domain.ru domain name is managed by the person designated as its administrator.

    To confirm that you have the actual ability to manage the domain, create the kk4tamko17q83015.php file in the root directory of the site with the following contents:

    The file must be created within three calendar days from the receipt of this message and be present on the server until April 30, 2018, 07:00 (UTC + 03: 00), otherwise the verification procedure will not be completed.

    Please note that if the verification procedure is not completed, domain maintenance will be completed.
    The letter is beautifully decorated in the classical style of the letter and the site nic.ru, so that outwardly everything looks very decent.

    In my opinion, just a great promotion using social engineering!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Will such an attack work?

    • 28.3% Yes, many will do 136
    • 47.1% Yes, in isolated cases 226
    • 16.9% No, people still think 81
    • 4.5% No, no one reads letters 22
    • 2.9% That "yes" or "no", I almost fell for myself! 14

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