ILV has blocked several LARGE Amazon and Google subnets (UPD .: and continues to block new ones!)

    Tonight at once on several resources there was news about the ILV blocking of several Amazon subnets. Later, information appeared that one of the Google subnets had also flown into the ban.

    During the day, the list of blocked subnets has grown significantly. According to , the total number of blocked IP addresses is approaching 20 million.

    Users in the comments to the article report numerous problems with the availability of resources that are on blocked IP addresses.

    According to , the following subnets are included in the registry:
    UPD .: The list of subnets is constantly changing, so I don’t see much point in constantly updating it. Under the spoiler, the situation is on the evening of 04/17/2018.

    Spoiler heading / 10Amazon / 11Amazon

    For example, I tried to switch to bignextstep dot com (it is hosted on - the page did not open. Neither from the wired provider, nor from the mobile. True, I do not see the stub "resource locked" either. Either this is all untrue, or the provider’s equipment can’t cope with issuing so many dice at a time.

    If you use foreign services that take screenshots of sites online, you can see that the site is working.

    Links to rublacklist: one , two .

    PS A convincing request not to inform poor bigxtep. Better find some other resource and check. I used to search , it even knows how to use wildcard.

    UPD .:To my great shame, I forgot to point out the person who encouraged me to write the article. Correct: it was mazahakajay . He is simply too modest and decided not to write an article. According to him,
    I would write obscenities there. Just pictures and mate.
    Thanks to him for this news!

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    Is it really blocked?

    • 77.5% + 987
    • 22.4% - 286

    If the truth is blocked, then what will happen next?

    • 9% Amazon will drive Telegram away, as Zello drove, and everything will be fine 305
    • 4.4% Durov will leave Amazon on his own hosting, and everything will be fine 152
    • 0.7% Durov will give the keys, and everything will be fine 27
    • 5.6% ILV will come to its senses, unlock subnets, and everything will be fine 190
    • 2.8% Russian business and some foreign partners will move to unblocked addresses, and everything will be fine 95
    • 14.2% Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the best president, and everything will be fine 483
    • 3.8% everything will be fine 130
    • 15.2% everything will be fine, but not soon 517
    • 43.8% will be gone 1482

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