The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 310 (April 9 - 15, 2018)

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    podcastPodcast "Web Standards", Issue No. 116: CSS and accessibility tree, development according to TDD, everyone is unhappy with W3C, why are service workers, grids and a new design.
    podcastPodcast “Pro WEB IT” No. 2 - Audio sketches of past weekdays
    podcastPodcast “5 minutes of React” # 21 - Bitbucket Pipelines
    podcastPodcast “devschacht”: Night frontend # 30: DUMP 2018
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 44 How to choose a washing machine
    video“ALL YOUR HTML” # 44: “Waves and refraction effects on the vertex fragment shaders”
    video8 reports from CSSConf AU 2018 in Melbourne, Australia

    Web development

    habrConfrontation between W3C and WHATWG: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla object to DOM 4.1
    habrGeneration of site pages using service workers
    Front-End 2018 Developer's Guide
    enStatus of web animation: Part 1 , Part 2
    enScroll to the future: Everything you wanted to know about scrolling on the web, but were afraid to ask


    Blend modes + grids = love
    enHow CSS works: parsing and rendering CSS in a critical rendering path
    enAnother collection of interesting facts about CSS Grid
    enfeature-queries-manager - extension for DevTools that makes debugging easier supports Feature Query
    enHow I stopped using Bootstrap layout thanks to CSS Grid
    enEpic Spinners - a library of CSS preloaders. Easy to use and integrates with VueJS
    enWeb development ninja: over 30 killer CSS puns


    habrAbout the main reason for the existence of modern JS frameworks
    habrOperating system in JavaScript? JsOS
    enFitbit's JerryScript: JavaScript breaks into the Internet of Things
    enTop VSCode extensions to improve JavaScript performance
    enThe first chapter of Jeremy Keith's book “Going Offline”
    enSimple swipe using vanilla JavaScript
    enHow I stopped worrying and learned to love the JavaScript ecosystem
    enAll about arrays in JavaScript in one article
    enDocumenting JavaScript projects


    habrSEO optimization of the article: up-to-date plan
    Spelling check: what words are spelled incorrectly at Habrahabr, Cossa, Rusbase, AIN, DOU, Roem and
    Opera VPN service will stop working on April 30
    A new WebAuthn authentication standard has been released: biometric data instead of passwords
    How a team leader can develop himself and his team: SOLID principles
    Updated Gmail will receive a “privacy mode” with self-destructing and password-protected letters that cannot be copied, printed or sent to another
    Mathematics against scrap, or Bitcoin as a quantum canary
    Satellite Internet: The Final Solution. How Elon Musk hopes to ossify Earth
    GitHub has a birthday. 10 facts about the favorite site of all developers
    I downloaded everything that Facebook knows about me. And it hurt

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