Welcome to the first international web conference Kolesa / Web 2018


    Hello, Habr! Spring has come to the planet, and with it numerous meetings and conferences.

    We continue to form an IT-community in Kazakhstan and share experience in web development and the use of advanced technologies. On April 21 in Almaty we will hold the first international web conference Kolesa / Web 2018!

    The program includes 7 reports from Wheels Roof Market, Avito, Badoo, discussions during breaks and a sea of ​​delicious treats.

    For those who in other cities will publish recordings from the performance. We invite all who are not indifferent to PHP to talk and spend Saturday with benefit in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, SmArt.Point
    Registration at 10:00
    Start of performances at 11:00
    Registration here The

    video will be on our YouTube channel . We will publish records in the same place and on Habré.


    In a programme:

    “Testing microservices on Go through the eyes of a PHP developer”

    Alexander Erofeev, PHP-developer, Wheels | Roof | Market

    Sasha will consider the types and approaches to testing microservices. Introduces the tools that Go provides for testing. Will analyze some of the differences between testing on Go and testing PHP applications. And let's talk about such an important topic as automation of the testing process.

    “Go Profiling Basics”

    Vitaliy Bereznev, PHP-developer, Wheels | Roof | Market

    Vitaliy will talk about the basic tools for profiling in Go. Will show how to remove the profile, memory dump. Denotes a couple of useful built-in code analyzers on Go.

    Level 80 Programmer

    Anna Vasilenko, PHP-developer, Wheels | Roof | Market

    In Anna’s talk, we’ll talk about what qualities a software development professional needs, how to answer the question: “When is the release?”, Why do I need a shower and how to cultivate the spirit of a samurai. We’ll also hear about “again you are talking about TDD and planning” (we are again) and we will figure out how to dig a path correctly.

    “PHP Modules and How to Develop Them”

    Anton Dovgal, PHP-developer, Badoo

    From Anton's talk you will learn about PHP modules, what they are, how they work, and why and how they are written. We will consider the component parts of the module, analyze a simple example and take a look at the internal PHP kitchen - Zend Engine. A few examples from the history of the development of the Badoo infrastructure will be demonstrated by typical cases when writing a module is required.

    “A quick frontend is easy.”

    Manchenko Vadim, Frontend-developer, Wheels | Roof | Market

    Vadim will tell you why the site is slowly loading, and the interface takes a long time to respond. It will also show small, and sometimes not very, tricks that will help to avoid this. It will teach you how to quickly find problems in front-end performance and compare them with the right solutions.

    “Xdebug - how to stop var_dump and start living”

    Popov Maxim, PHP-developer, Wheels | Roof | Market

    Max will tell you why using var_dump is bad, how to configure xdebug for debugging in a bunch of frontend, backend, api and cli. Useful features of working with xDebug in PHPStorm and other tricks.

    “Clickstream in Avito. Analytics in a highly loaded project ”

    Dmitry Khasanov, backend-developer, Avito

    Dima will talk about the technical side of analytics: what constitutes an event; how we collect events from the backend, from the browser and mobile applications; how we deliver and store, validate and monitor; how we love scalars, how we write PHP on Go; about the sources of truth, archived langpacks, the transition to a new system and the love of developers. ”


    Kolesa / Web 2018 is a closed conference, the number of participants is limited, so you need to register

    Guests from 10:00, come have a cup of coffee before the start and take your place more comfortable!

    Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, SmArt.Point, Bayzakova street 280
    Take some identification document with you.

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