And we will have a real astronaut! At Imagine Cup 2018

    Dear friends! Agree, the time of students is one of the craziest moments in the life of each of us. It is then that we meet the most faithful friends, believe in incredible ideas and are confident that becoming a second Bill Gates is just a spit. Every year we support all these ideas and hold one of the most outstanding student events in the world - the Imagine Cup !

    Under the cut, you can recharge with ideas and learn about the projects that are presented this year, as well as the cosmonaut who takes incredibly beautiful pictures from the ISS. In addition to student teams, many interesting people who are somehow related to technology will perform at the event. To participate, do not forget to register (the number of places is limited), and if you can’t come, see the online translation .

    Little Preface

    Almost every year, our teams take prizes in various categories at the international finals, and, importantly, continue to develop their projects after participating in the competition. Among the participants of past years, you will find successful businessmen who open accelerators and enter the Chinese market, create their own game development studios, help people with low vision to navigate in space, fall into Forbes and top mobile app stores (like the recently released OVIVO game on mobile platforms , winner of the Imagine Cup 2015.

    What will be interesting?

    • Presentations of 16 best student projects, including home-made HoloLens made by students from Nizhny Novgorod, virtual physics laboratory from Moscow State University, music in VR and much more.
    • Exciting inspirational lectures from people such as Sergey Ryazantsev (Hero of Russia, cosmonaut), Dmitry Shostko (MTS), Alexander Lukichev (DVR), Alexander Baulin (Forbes), Maxim Karakulov (Habrahabr), Sergey Tses (Mechanism) and many others.
    • An exhibition at which, in particular, the non-anthropomorphic robot "cosmonaut pillow" from the Mechanism company will be presented for the first time.
    • Free Azure Certification

    Teams that you will see this year

    Team “BUTTON Team” // MIREA, Moscow // Project: “BUTTON”

    BUTTON Team - the team is developing the b2b & b2c platform, which allows companies to easily integrate Blockchain into their products for the market. The focus is on friendly bots with human speech recognition and an intuitive user interface. More details at .

    Team “Coffee Break” // Moscow State University, Moscow // Project: “Chemometrics”

    The project is dedicated to the recognition of taste parameters of coffee by spectrum. The guys assembled an experimental setup that allows one to obtain reflection and transmission spectra of coffee. By analyzing the spectra using machine learning approaches, they can determine the acidity, bitterness, strength and density of coffee. With the help of their sensor and a recommendation system, the barista will be able to make the perfect cup of coffee for everyone.

    “Easy Talk” team // IST FSBEI HE “RGUTIS” / ITA SFedU / ČVUT, Moscow, Taganrog, Prague // Project: “Easy Talk”

    The project is a real-time sign language interpreter application. It can translate a gesture into a text and voice it. There is also the inverse function of translating voice to text. Therefore, it is able to ensure the full interaction of a deaf person with a hearing person.

    Team "Extra Life" // Gymnasium 1 / RCTU named after Mendeleev, Moscow, Zhukovsky // Project: “ImitationGame”

    From childhood we know how to behave in a variety of difficult situations. But, as a rule, such knowledge is theoretical, and when we encounter a problem in real life, we get nervous and panic. This is due to the fact that we lack some kind of life experience, moreover, such situations are dangerous: they can lead to a variety of psychological and physical disorders and even pose a danger to life, ours or someone else's. Therefore, I had the idea to create a psychological simulator where people can put their knowledge into practice, learn about their weaknesses and characteristics, analyze their mistakes and face their fears.

    Team “Heavy Geeks” // MAI / HSE, Moscow // Project: “Imagine Travel”

    The main idea of ​​the project is to create a full copy of the real world and transfer it to virtual reality. The duo of students transferred a complete map of our planet with all countries, cities, streets and attractions. To use this idea as an example, the team implements a Minecraft-style educational and game application to study countries, cities and attractions, which will help children study geography in an environment familiar to them. And no, this is not another analogue of Google Maps, placed in VR. The world here is represented by a full three-dimensional map of our planet. Using this project, you can walk around the streets of Paris, travel from Moscow to Hong Kong, take a walk around the Microsoft office in Redmond, take a look at the sights and much more.

    ITSS Team // MAI, Moscow // Project: Medical Assistant

    This is a biological feedback system for monitoring human health. The system includes cloud-based data analysis services and a smart suit equipped with many sensors that measure human health and help doctors monitor patient health and trainers to monitor the progress of training athletes and sports teams. The sports version of the suit allows the athlete to adjust the intensity of training due to feedback.

    Team “Last Day Development” // NNGU im. Lobachevsky, Moscow // Project: "Harbor"

    Great things are done on the last day. Our product is a visual designer of chatbots for business, simple and straightforward, like a Lego constructor.

    Team “Magic Box” // Innopolis University, Innopolis // Project: “O&DC”

    O&DC helps sellers and buyers of clothes, combines a marketplace and a social network. Our plugin increases conversion and reduces the number of returns from sellers. Neural networks help customers with the choice of style and size. Designers, stylists and bloggers get cashback for popular looks and styles.

    Team "meCare" // NNGU im. Lobachevsky, Nizhny Novgorod // Project: "meCare"

    meCare is a mobile application that monitors the user's health status. The program analyzes the selfie and user activity for the manifestation of the primary signs of diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. And the express-diagnostic system developed by us allows us to diagnose some diseases at home! Now taking a selfie is not only fashionable, but also useful!

    Team "MIXAR Studio" // NNGU im. Lobachevsky, Nizhny Novgorod // Project: “MIXAR”

    MIXAR - the first developers of augmented reality glasses in Russia. With our glasses you can not only see holographic objects around you, but also interact with them using your hands!

    Team “Reality Family” // MTU (MIREA), Moscow // Project: “ExperienceHub”

    We are developing a system for recording, transmitting and reproducing holograms of surgeons' operations in order to increase the mobility of knowledge and its accessibility.

    Team “Reality Team” // MIREA, Moscow // Project: “HoloAd”

    As you know, advertising is the engine of business. Corporations spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns, trying to get around competitors. The HoloAd project is dedicated to developing a software product for Microsoft Hololens. This product provides a concise integration of contextual advertising into the environment thanks to modified libraries for setting up models of goods and a neural network to recognize the features of the premises in which the user is located. The project creates a new category of service, translating advertising into a new dimension, making it more effective and interactive for the user, as it becomes possible to visually inspect products offered on the basis of recent searches. HoloAd can be embedded by third-party developers in your application or run on the device in the background.

    Ruprotez Team // Moscow State University, Moscow // Project: Ruprotez

    Our main goal is to make the technology of highly functional prosthetics more affordable.

    The team includes winners and prize-winners of the First Level Olympics “Breakthrough into the Future”. At the moment, the project is the winner of the grant competition for the Innovation Promotion Fund “Clever Man”. We offer a new electromyographic device for controlling upper limb prostheses based on artificial neural networks. In terms of functionality, they can be compared with products of world leaders whose market value is above 1.5 million rubles, with the cost of our solution being less than 100,000 rubles. Read more at: .

    Team “Social Globe” // HSE, Moscow // Project: “MuzicWiz”

    How often would you like to hear the musical composition that you hear in your head, moving your hands to her to the beat, like a conductor? With us you can create your music with the wave of your hands in the virtual space. Our project is a new look at music in the 21st century, rethinking the traditional approach to music education and music making itself. Using virtual reality technology and reading hands in space, we suggest you plunge into the world of music "with your head." By understanding your musical tastes, our system will help you play what you like and create your own tracks using many synthesized instruments. Evaluate the possibilities of virtual reality, which allows not only to create music, but also to hear, see, and just feel it.

    Team “TaleStorm” // TPU, Tomsk // Project: “CropSafe”

    This is a decision support system for forecasting crop diseases based on meteorological data using machine learning methods.

    ViaReal Team // Moscow State University, Moscow // Project: LUCH

    The LUCH project is a solution for schools and universities that will help improve the modern educational process:
    • Unique experiments of any complexity and scale.
    • Accessibility (not only TOP schools, but also educational institutions in the regions).
    • Promotion of technology and innovation.
    • Education is the foundation of any society, and we believe that with our help it will become better.

    Free Azure Certification

    We recently told you about Azure certification , but as you know, it’s usually paid. But not for those who visit the Imagine Cup this year! As part of the CloudPro 2020 training and certification program, we invite all participants and guests to take Microsoft Azure certification exams for free during the finals.

    To participate, you must register and prepare very well. (Only 20 places left.)

    Take part in the Imagine Cup 2018

    Come cheer for your favorite team, as well as take part in fascinating workshops, listen to speeches by leading experts from various industries and get certified in technology!

    When : April 14, 10:00
    Where : Digital October (Metro Kropotkinskaya)
    How much : Free
    Registration and program on the site
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