Microchips that make life easier for thousands of Swedes

At the present time, technology and people have reached such a level that they are ready to introduce microchips into their bodies, just to once again not dial the code to open the door, hand over the card or cash to the cashier, open their mouth and speak for acquaintance.


Such microchips were invented in Sweden in 2013. Currently a market leader: Biohax International. The company was founded by a former professional piercing master ( not surprisingly ). More than 4,000 Swedes tried out the $ 180 innovation.

Any device that supports NFC technology can read data from the chip.

These chips can be stored

  • pay in stores with your bank cards and keys
  • use electronic tickets
  • track baggage when traveling
  • open access to home, office, car ( one's ), etc.
  • control laptop, digital devices, gun
  • store skipass to ski
  • and much more

This direction is developing only in Europe. But already in Russia there are people who have tried microchips on themselves.

While I see this as one major plus - if an emergency happens, doctors could quickly find out the victim's data.

What will happen in 20-50 years? Are we going to wear shoes that allow us to fly? Will we include chips in the brain in order to perform any work as efficiently as possible? Will we look at the screen in hand and call it? Or will they make chips for the eyes, where people themselves will already become, managing someone, robots?

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Will they be able to take over the world with this direction?

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