Kubernetes meetup - presentations and webcast

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    On March 21, a meeting of the Kubernetes community was held at the IBM Moscow office. As part of this event, participants discussed the latest news on the development of Kubernetes, exchanged practical experience and talked with colleagues in an informal setting.

    Under the cut - details, as well as links to presentations and video recordings.

    Three reports were presented at the meeting:

    Istio & service mesh - what is it and why is it necessary?
    As part of this report, Phil Estes and Roman Boyko from IBM spoke.
    The report was devoted to new approaches for organizing the interaction of components in the microservice architecture and the implementation of the service-mesh pattern. As well as how to implement this pattern in the Open Source Istio product, which is being developed with the participation of Google, IBM and Lyft. Experts have shown how this product works in IBM Cloud Container Services and IBM Cloud Private .

    Presentation of Istio & service mesh

    Kubernetes at Avito: Infrastructure for thousands of containers.
    Sergey Orlov (development manager of the unit Architecture at Avito) shared his practical experience in implementing solutions on Kubernetes, spoke about Avito's approach to deploying industrial and test infrastructures, as well as the development environment.

    Presentation Avito

    Experience using Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and Serverless to develop a blockchain project on Hyperledger Fabric.
    As part of the report, Igor Khapov spoke about the experience of using IBM Kubernetes service, Cloud Foundry and OpenWhisk as an infrastructure for creating applications written for the Hyperledger Fabric platform. Igor also gave an overview of development tools using Hyperledger Composer and Explorer as examples.

    Presentation of IBM

    Speeches aroused great interest of the audience and generated a lively discussion on the options for using Kubernetes, Istio and the blockchain in various practical scenarios.

    Webcast video:

    Installing IBM Cloud Private: http://ibm.biz/cloudprivatece

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