Does the world need technical certificates?

    Some IT professionals and HR recruiters believe that the level of knowledge gained in a Russian or foreign university, as well as experience in design work is higher than the certificate. There is some truth to this. Students and specialists who graduated from our universities brilliantly know how to solve business problems. However, it is no secret that the movement of the Russian IT market is highly prone to events in large global markets.

    In this regard, obtaining a certificate indicates an understanding of global processes and awareness of potentially new niches that open up new prospects for business. And the Russian market shows an increase in interest in such knowledge. We decided to share with you some statistics on the Azure exams that are popular with us, as well as tell you how to pass them correctly and what training opportunities are available now. Well, at the end of the article you will find 3 instructions for preparing for exams.
    In order to increase the chances of those who wish to successfully pass the exams, we are conducting several Russian-language webinars to prepare for tests with colleagues and partners:

    • Introductory webinar : “How to pass the Microsoft Azure exam?”
    • Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Technical Session .
    • Hybrid Infrastructure Architecture. Preparation for the exam 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.

    What? Where? How much?

    If you have already decided to receive an international diploma or certificate, then the next step is to answer the question: what program should I apply to? Despite the large number of proposals, there are really not many worthwhile. Each has its own characteristics and is suitable for certain categories of the most sought-after specialists.

    More details here .

    Today the exam can be taken online and offline - in authorized testing centers. Both in Russian and in English. The exam costs an average of $ 80 per attempt.

    But at the moment you can find promotional codes for free-change. And it is important to understand that this is a temporary situation, and this will not always be the case. Therefore, if you seriously decide not to postpone passing the exam in a long box - get your promo code until it gets to someone else.

    Training Options

    Depending on which exam you intend to take, Microsoft will itself offer you the most effective preparation scheme. On the page of each exam , all recommended resources, trial practical tasks, and such a plan are prepared:

    Authorized Courses at Microsoft Learning Centers

    And, in fact, point number one in the recommended training options.

    In Russia there are several authorized training centers (detailed information below), where you can take training in preparation for the exam:

    • Offline in the classroom.
    • Remotely.
    • In the format of open training (you can choose the pace of classes yourself).

    At the end of the course, you will receive in addition an official certificate from Microsoft: about the successful completion of training.

    So, the advantages of this method of preparation:

    • Resources, training methods - all prepared by Microsoft. Always the most relevant information.
    • In authorized centers, courses are taught by certified teachers. You get the opportunity to ask a question, deal with difficulties.
    • For practical work, you have everything you need: virtual machines are pre-configured, there are special stands, demo environments.
    • Group classes. The collective effect does its job: general topics, new acquaintances, inspirational examples.

    Cons :

    • Pleasure is not cheap.
    • Duration of training is 5 days (40 academic hours).

    Microsoft Official Online Courses and MS Press Books

    For self-study, Microsoft offers online courses on the Open EDx platform . This is the most relevant online content released by Microsoft. Courses are updated every few months.

    For fans to rustle pages and replenish the library - paper editions. You can purchase them at the official Microsoft Press store. Not cheap, but I must say that this is the most comprehensive source of information for preparation.

    So, the advantages of self-training:

    • Resources, for the most part, are completely free.
    • You are not bound by the obligation to attend courses and you can choose the pace that is convenient for you.

    Cons :

    • You must be a sufficiently disciplined person so as not to stretch the preparation for the exam for long.
    • The most relevant technology content is in English only.

    Trial tests

    Microsoft offers to test its readiness for the exam with trial tests from Mindhub. A complete catalog of tests and training materials can be found on the website .

    A fly in the ointment - a paid test. And it’s not cheap .

    Hands-On Labs from Microsoft

    As an alternative to trial tests, you can use laboratory work to pump practical skills. In this Microsoft directory, you'll find lab labs for Azure and Office 365 . The resource is being replenished and, I believe, will soon become a good simulator, not only in preparing for the exam, but in general in improving our professional level.

    Language of preparation and delivery

    As we wrote above - you can prepare for the exam in Russian and in English. On the one hand, the Russian language is dearer and more familiar - but as applied to exams, this can play a cruel joke. Firstly, not all terms in the translated version have the same obvious understandability, as in English. Sometimes the questions in the translated version look much more complicated and ornate than in the original version. Secondly, all the latest product documentation first appears in English and then localized into Russian - i.e. By initially focusing on learning English, you are expanding the range of resources available for training.

    Well, in conclusion - if you accept certification as a step on the path to an international career - then in international projects English will be much more useful to you! But, for the sake of fairness, we say that in Russian you can also take a significant flow of dealers.

    Where certification is popular - some statistics

    Cloud technologies and cloud approaches in IT are already deeply rooted in many countries of the world, and it is gratifying to see that Russia is far from the last in the number of certified cloud architects. As can be seen from the graph below, in Central and Eastern Europe we are second only to Poland and noticeably ahead of the Czech Republic.

    However, if you look at the world leader - the USA, the number of officially registered architects in our country simply can not be compared and, as can be seen from the graph, hesitates to say "at the level of statistical error." And in order to make a quantum leap and organize a real Digital Transformation in our country, we clearly should push forward with the training of a sufficient number of qualified personnel!

    Instead of an afterword

    In conclusion, it should be noted that the certificate is a long-term investment for steps on the career ladder. Nevertheless, the skills and knowledge gained in the preparation process will strengthen your professional level and achieve your business goal now. Today, there are already many specialists who have received appropriate training and received the CloudPro Architect certificate . What to use for preparation, you learned from the article. This is a pretty thorny path. However, most of the specialists and directors who went through it do not regret that they chose it. They see the preparation and certification process as a low-hanging fruit along the way to more attractive ones.

    If, after reading this article, you decide not to delay preparing for the exam, below you will find 3 very similar instructions for preparing for the three most promising exams in Microsoft Cloud Technologies:

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