Complete Translation of Community Building: Social Architecture

Original author: Pieter Hintjens
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“This is the essence of thirty years of software development experiences.”
Greetings, Habr.

I want to introduce the best (only) book on building communities, written by IT IT specialist.

For myself, I found applicable tools for analyzing community / organization "on the fly" (I and more than 100 people conducted an "audit" of Habr ), as well as tips on which " genotype " to lay when developing a new product / brand / movement. Read, save, share and write your review.

about the author

“Unfortunately, we do not choose death for ourselves, but we can meet it with dignity to be remembered as men.”
- film “Gladiator”

Peter Hinchens (Pieter Hintjens) - Belgian developer, writer. He served as CEO and chief software designer at iMatix , a company that produces free software , such as the ZeroMQ library (the library takes care of data buffering, queuing, establishing and recovering connections, etc.), OpenAMQ, Libero , GSL code generator , and the Xitami web service .


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