Scales in business. How trade scales are turned into a marketing tool

    Cutlets separately, flies separately - not the most suitable motto for modern retail. If you buy commercial equipment, then it is worth making full use of its capabilities, including marketing ones. We talk about how touch-screen scales and label printing scales turn into full-fledged marketing tools in the store.

    Multimedia on the screen

    An excellent method of communication with customers and a marketing tool is a multimedia scale using the store’s advertising content. They are able to weigh the goods, and in minutes of inactivity inform customers about promotions, offers and news of the retailer. We are talking about our usual self-service scales (for example, Bizerba X-Class 800, CAS CL7000-S, Dibal D955D ), and other trading scales equipped with a touch screen: as an example, suspended scales with an external Dibal D-955 H screen . Each of these devices is capable of broadcasting any multimedia content: photos, videos, sound files.

    Of course, not everything is so cloudless: retailers need to be prepared for the fact that the introduction of any more advanced technologies requires additional costs. In this case, an item of expenses for infrastructure and the employee forming the content for the broadcast may appear. You should also take into account the loads that will fall on the shoulders of the store’s system administrators: in addition to administering cash register servers, they will have to deal with additional uploads of multimedia files to the scales.

    Despite the obviousness of the solution, it is practically not used. According to our observations, out of 10 large Russian retailers of federal scale, only 2 demonstrate multimedia content on scales with touch screens.

    Recommendations on screen and in check

    We expand the idea with the demonstration of multimedia content on the screen of the trade scales. Nothing prevents the store, when weighing the goods, from displaying individual recommendations on the scales. For example, a customer weighs cucumbers. And on the screen of the scales, in addition to information about the weighted product, he is shown the Olivier salad recipe. Moreover, other ingredients that can be weighed in this section are highlighted in it. So the store can try to expand the check, pushing the customer to buy the missing products for cooking.

    You can upload recipes to the scales using specialized software. For example, at Pilot ScaleService software is responsible for these tasks .created for centralized management of weighing equipment store. It provides the transfer of product data to electronic scales. The process of transmitting information is carried out automatically after the data is unloaded from the accounting system of the store.

    Similar information can be displayed not only on the screen, but also on a large format label. This can be done thanks to the technology of the so-called label without a backing or “endless label”. You can enter both product data and promotional information on it. In addition to the recipe, an example of a promo is holding promotions with coupons. They can be printed on the receipt for the purchase. Upon presentation at the next shopping visit, the buyer will receive a discount.

    Integration of scales and large diagonal screens

    The relevance of integrating trade scales and large diagonal screens in self-service areas is due to the fact that it is often difficult for customers to find a specific product on the small screen of the scales. Especially when it comes to the department where similar products are sold. For example, sweets with almonds and peanuts, differing from each other only by the inscription on the wrapper. The solution to this problem is the integration of digital panels and scales.

    When choosing a product, the buyer will be able to see its enlarged image on the screen, and weighing should be done on standard scales with check printing. At the same time, during downtime, the panel is able to demonstrate the content that the retailer needs, for example, to notify customers about store promotions.

    Trading scales can be a great marketing tool. They can significantly increase store sales and increase customer loyalty. However, for this it is necessary not to ignore, but, on the contrary, to maximally introduce into the trade all the capabilities of devices embedded in them by manufacturers.

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