The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 246 (March 19 - March 25)

    Last week, we dealt with Android updates, how to become a great designer, advertising secrets, computer vision and product bugs. All this and much more - in our digest.

    Luggage Baghouse - Elderly Bug Killing Marathon

    Some use the Zero Bug Policy, some have a well-developed culture of working with bugs (update the backlog in a timely manner, review errors when changing functionality, etc.), and some grow wizards who write without bugs at all (unlikely, but, maybe this happens).

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    • (+3) Create an iOS stopwatch on React-Native (subtitles)
    imageDo you often forget [weak self]? Here's the solution
    imageHow to set up GitLab Continuous Integration for an iOS project
    imageExcellent inspiration for iOS designers
    imageSubscription in iOS applications
    imageLayout: declarative UI framework
    imageCharles: proxy for intercepting and debugging HTTP and HTTPS traffic on iOS


    • (+30) Android Support Library 28. What's new?
    • (+25) Mosdroid # 6 - report
    Connecting Android Things with a smartphone using Nearby Connections 2.0
    Google has turned on the Transition API
    Ikea Place is launching on Android
    Getting started with Firebase Cloud Storage on Android
    Who will steal Android from Google?
    “Instant games” appeared on Google Play
    imageAndroid Dev Podcast. Release 59. Everyone Android P
    Application Development on Unreal Engine 4
    We connect webhooks for the repository
    imageExplore Android processes
    imageTensorFlow Lite machine learning example
    imageAnatomy of analytics from Google
    imageInteresting Android Canvas study
    imageExplore Custom View on Android
    imageRecyclerView: more animations and less code with Support Library ListAdapter
    imageExplore Android P: fingerprint dialog
    imageTheater: Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components


    • (+28) Design system. Definition of
    • • (+23) Unity: particle systems
    • (+18)LG announces open source WebOS platform Open Source Edition
    • (+12) UI-tests for Xamarin
    How toxic management caused Telltale problems
    Fourteenth Developer Economics report
    Bad designers copy, great designers steal - how to become a great designer
    Alexander Kuznetsov and Sergey Myachin (Live Typing): investing in a client’s business
    Magic Leap released an SDK for application development
    Mobile application design: rating of Russian studios 2018
    Mobile UI design trends in 2018
    imageReact Native development tools
    imageHow designers use the data
    imageTwo years of indie development lessons
    imageLonely Planet application redesign
    imageTwo years of React Native in Artsy
    imageHow to start developing a game on Unity

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    Mobfox opens user data in Audience Analytics
    How two questions can change the growth of our product
    Advantages, risks and secrets of in-app advertising
    Subculture is more important than nationality: past, present and future Subway Surfers
    Games in the social casino genre: how to catch luck
    AR: lessons learned by marketers, and the vector of technology development

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+24) ComputerVision and what it eats with
    • (+22) We generate levels for playing with the help of neural networks
    • (+22) Can I teach artificial intelligence to joke?
    • (+18) Feel the neural networks or constructor of neural networks
    • (+10) Meet Windows Machine Learning - WinML
    • (+5) Computer vision and the Internet of things
    Ten machine learning algorithms you need to know

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