We open statistics on the sources of views and responses on "My Circle"

    The techniques and approaches used in marketing over the past decade, in recent years, are actively borrowed in the field of HR. One of these techniques is working with a sales funnel. When the customer’s path to purchase is divided into several stages, and at each stage, it is checked how many customers have passed to this stage from the previous one. In HR, such a funnel is based on the process of attracting candidates for a company vacancy. The “client” is the candidate, and the “product” is the vacancy.

    Many clients of "My Circle" began to apply marketing techniques in their work. They run advertising campaigns for their vacancies, and work with funnel candidates in specialized CRM systems. And sometimes it’s difficult for them to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, since there is no way to understand where the applicant, who left the response and then came to the company, found out about the vacancy.

    We decided to help our employers and today we are pleased to show our new system of collecting statistics on the sources of views and feedback on vacancies at My Circle . We also learned to track the path of the applicant to the response, by which you can understand what information channels he was in contact with before deciding on the response.

    When we work with a funnel of candidates, the acquaintance of the “client” with the “product” begins with the advertisement of the vacancy, then part of those who see the advertisement go to the page of the “product” to study the vacancy, then some of them make a “purchase decision”, leaving their response to the vacancy . The funnel does not end there, then there are interviews, an invitation to work and, at the very end, the passage of the probationary period.

    My Circle works in the first three stages of such a funnel. Even if the employer does not conduct advertising campaigns for his vacancies, we do it anyway, promoting vacancies on the services of our habr-family (habrahabr.ru, geektimes.ru, toster.ru, freelansim.ru, moikrug.ru, tmfeed.ru ), as well as in our social networks, telegram channels and mailing lists. With the help of new statistics, you can understand what proportion of candidates who saw an advertising message went to your vacancy, and then what proportion of those who passed left their response. Playing with various forms of presenting vacancies and ad placements, you can find the most effective advertising messages and channels.

    Sources of views and responses

    To see the sources of views and responses to the vacancy as a whole, you need to click on the "Statistics" link located in the header of the vacancy. There are two reports on the page: view sources and response sources.

    Sources of views can be viewed by the periods of posting vacancies on the site.

    Sources of feedback can be viewed only for the entire time the vacancy exists. Response sources are understood as the last source by which the user entered the site and left a response.

    We began to consider the statistics of the response sources from March 7, 2018. Accordingly, the responses left earlier do not have such a history, unknown in their sources .

    Candidate Path to Response

    On the main page of the vacancy, under each response there is a “Sources” button, when clicked, a block opens with the path of the candidate to the response. On the way, it is shown how many times the candidate visited the My Circle website and from what sources before leaving this response.

    This particular path of the applicant means that the candidate went to “My Circle” 5 times directly by entering the site address in the browser (direct), then followed the link from the site github.com, and finally logged in to habrahabr.ru (from the vacancy block on page of a separate post) and left his response. We keep the path that the candidate has made over the past three months.

    In addition to the source itself, a campaign can be indicated in brackets, for example: habrahabr.ru (vacancies_post), as in the example above. This means that in the link that the user clicked on , the special parameter utm_campaign was specified , for example utm_campaign = vacancies_post.

    If you advertise your vacancies posted on "My Circle", giving links to them on other sites, do not forget to add this wonderful parameter to the link. It will certainly appear in the sources of views and responses, and you will understand how well your advertising campaign works.

    For a detailed transcript of all possible sources, see the help article .

    By the way, if you are ready to test our new statistics before the end of April, that is, you are ready to place a link to a vacancy in any of your channels by adding the utm_campaign parameter to the link, we will give you the opportunity to post your vacancy for free. To do this, just write to us about your decision at hr@tmtm.ru .

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