Need more cameras: Nokia 9 has 5 at once.

    It seems that mobile device makers are planning this year to increase the number of cameras on their smartphones. So, Samsung Corporation in its Galaxy A9 and the upcoming S10 built four rear cameras at once.

    But the HMD company, the owner of the Nokia brand, is going to add five rear cameras to the design of its Nokia 9 phone at once. More precisely, it is not even going, but has already added it. This became known thanks to the information that leaked to the network (or was “accidentally” merged by Nokia employees, it does not matter).

    For the first time they started talking about this phone in September. In the pictures that appeared in the network, it is clear that there are seven holes at the back of the “chamomile”. Five of them are cameras, one is a flash and another one is a sensor.

    In addition to images, there is also a video, which explains why there are so many cameras in one device. All of them can simultaneously take 5 photos, which will give the opportunity to catch more light. When combining photos get a clearer and clearer image. Pictures can be taken even with very low light - all thanks to the design of the new type.

    In principle, this is not very different from the camera, which is developed by the Google Pixel team. She is there alone, but she takes several pictures at the moment of pressing the camera button. Then the system merges them together and gets a high-quality photo.

    As for the characteristics of the phone, there is a 5.99-inch screen, a Snapdragon 845 SoC processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, a fingerprint sensor, wireless charging based on Qi, Android 9 as the operating system.

    As for the price and date of release of the phone, the company has not yet reported anything about this.

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