Announcement RamblerFront & # 4

    On March 29, the fourth external RamblerFront & meetup will be held at the Rambler & Co attic, where our employees will share applied knowledge in the field of frontend development.

    Topics of reports:

    1. Le-go-go or how we make media sites - Evgeny Shiryaev (client application development engineer, Rambler & Co department of media projects development and design)
    In my report, I will talk about how we built a single platform for creating typical media projects. What tasks were facing us and what came of it. From concept to release.

    2. Apollo: nine months - normal flight - Semyon Levenson (Senior Client Application Development Engineer, Rambler & Co Advertising Technology Team)
    I'll tell you about the path that we went from twig noodles to GraphQL zen. In the report, I will discuss REST issues, is GraphQl, Apollo versus Relay convenient, good, the Graphql ecosystem on the front end and some practical chips for solving real problems.

    3. New Angular 6 and its ecosystem - Alexey Okhrimenko (Senior JavaScript Developer, IPONWEB)
    Angular 6 brings a lot of useful things, speeding up and simplifying the work of the frontend developer. We will consider all the most interesting changes that will come to us together with Angular 6, and interesting novelties of the Angular ecosystem, which will also help us in our daily work.

    The event is free, and registration is required .
    We have pizza and tea!

    Beginning at 19.00
    Location: Warsaw highway, 9, p. 1, entrance number 5. Attic Rambler & Co


    Be sure to register and take your passport with you so that the security of the business center misses you!

    Come, it will be interesting!

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