FastTrack Training. "Network Basics." "Collaboration Software Products from Cisco." Eddie Martin December 2012

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About a year ago, I noticed an interesting and fascinating series of lectures by Eddie Martin, which is incredibly intelligible, thanks to its history and real life examples, as well as colossal experience in teaching, which allows us to gain an understanding of rather complex technologies.

We continue the cycle of 27 articles based on his lectures:

01/02: “Understanding the OSI Model” Part 1 / Part 2
03: “Understanding the Cisco Architecture”
04/05: “The Basics of Switching or Switches” Part 1 / Part 2
06: “ Switches from Cisco ”
07: “ The area of ​​use of network switches, the value of Cisco switches ”
08/09:“ Basics of a wireless LAN ” Part 1/ Part 2
10: “Products in the area of ​​wireless LANs”
11: “The value of Cisco wireless LANs”
12: “The basics of routing”
13: “The structure of routers, routing platforms from Cisco”
14: “The value of Cisco routers”
15/16: “Basics of data centers” Part 1 / Part 2
17: “Equipment for data centers”
18: “The value of Cisco in data centers”
19/20/21: “Fundamentals of telephony” Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
22: Cisco Collaboration Products
23:“Cisco Collaboration Product Value”
24: “Security Essentials”
25: “Cisco Security Software Products”
26: “Cisco Security Product Value”
27: “Understanding Cisco Architectural Games (Overview)”

And here's the twenty-second of them.

FastTrack Training. "Network Basics." "Collaboration Software Products from Cisco." Eddie Martin December 2012

I will tell you about Cisco products, which are applications for collaboration, that is, for collaboration.

Cisco WebEx - we have already talked about the training center, the conference center, the event center and the fact that WebEx is a cloud-based application for organizing video conferences protected by your firewall.

Cisco Jabber is a series of clients for creating voice and video chats on various stationary and mobile platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, for video conferencing and demonstration of your desktop.

I can pick up Jabber on my iPhone and call my wife as if I were using an IP phone. With it, you can organize a chat with all corporate phone numbers. Suppose I work at Cisco, you call me a Google Voice number and leave a message, then I have to send it to my boss. Because voicemail is the intellectual property of the company. This is still a great corporate solution for business, and for conversations with customers outside the corporate network it is better to use Google services.

WebEx Social is a portal. We need to understand why social networking is important, and consider WebEx Social as corporate Facebook. This is the way that company employees can share information.

Suppose you travel so fast that you don’t have time to put text or a table on a page on the Internet. When you came to work at Cisco, did you see that all the information necessary for work was posted on web pages? No, if you needed something for work, you turned to someone who knows how to do it, to your competitor. When you first introduced the Avaya product you’ve never seen before, you realized that Cisco didn’t have the information you needed, but you had a colleague who worked with Avaya and knew about it. You did not begin to send him a business letter, which takes months to find out the information you need! You would use Jabber or WebEx Social and talk with him on a social network. That is why it is important for business.

I use an unusual term for you and I will say that in this case we are talking about unspoken information. It is not in the database, it is in the head. Social portals help you get exactly the information that is in the head of people, and not on the pages of the site.

I will give you an example of how quickly information spreads in my family. I was at a football tournament, Sarah plays football and loves him very much, she was in many places where tournaments were held. We went to the city of Winston-Salem in North Carolina to play two games in the tournament. My SUV had a whole bunch of kids. I didn’t close the back door and when we drove onto the highway, it opened. My car refrigerator fell to the floor and from there, bottles, cans of soda and other small things fell out and onto the road. I pulled over to the side and began to collect cans, and our team members and their families ran past me, laughing and shouting: “Hey Eddie, get out of the middle of the road before they crush you!”

After that, we did not even drive two miles from the scene, as my brother-in-law's brother-in-law called my brother-in-law and said: “You know that the North Carolina police are looking for the one who scattered beer cans and water bottles all over the highway!” He was 200 miles from this place, how could he find out about it so quickly? Thanks Sarah! My little daughter took photos of these cans and bottles scattered on the highway and sent them to her Facebook page! And the brother-in-law’s son was just on Facebook at that time and saw these photos. Here's an example of how quickly information spreads.

Do you know that company management takes care of this? They want older people like me to share their knowledge with newcomers through a social network.

Each generation has its own approach to information. The first thing I do when I go online is to check my mail. Emily will not do this, because her mail page is located behind the pages of social networks, and she needs to be pulled to the screen. These are very important things, and we should talk about this with our customers.

The so-called Social Miner in contact centers are applications that analyze messages on social networks and “pull out” common templates and information trends from them. Who needs them? Marketers!

Imagine my daughter Sarah likes Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has 30 million fans following her on Twitter. She goes into a restaurant and tweets about it, and 30 million people can immediately form their opinion about it. Are they potential customers? Of course! Therefore, all kinds of marketing organizations, sellers, businessmen associated with trade, love social networks and everything that concerns them.

I see that a discussion has started among you about how to correctly understand the information submitted on social networks, whether it is always truthful or allows you to interpret any fact in two ways. Indeed, this can be a problem, but not for corporate social networks. It was said here that the “miners” find keywords that allow them to obtain information about people's attitudes to any event or product. It really is. Therefore, when working with clients, it is important to pay attention to their comments posted under your information.

The following applications are a series of programs for the Cisco Contact Center, including Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. There are a lot of them. They have many features that are not in previous applications.

Contact Center Enterprise is a highly customizable, flexible platform for all communication channels, including various extensions such as Media Sense and Social Miner. This is a great and very important tool for working with a client, work with him can be called "juggling a chainsaw", you are "spinning" in it around the clock. These are 4 or 5 modules interacting with each other for communication with the client. Microsotf doesn’t have such a solution, they will just give you a business card and say: “Go talk to this person.”

The Cisco Unified Contact Center, a multimedia and distributed contact center, is part of the Cisco Unified Communications system and provides the basis for automating business processes to efficiently serve customer requests, which is an essential element of a stable business.

We sell these solutions through selected partners who can install and customize their clients, some of them are good, some are not very good. We do this in order to get part of our profit and “give life” to partners.

Here are our systems for television presentations - TX9000, external codecs for lowering bitrate, equipment of the MX and EX series, quick installation kits, equipment for medical television presentations and any kind of television presentations in general. These are very popular and well-selling products. Next you see the Conductor Manager DMC and the MCS 8000 recording content server. If you want to record your conference, then there is a whole television studio for this purpose for presentations. She records an entire transmission channel.

We also have a Managed and Hosted TelePresence managed presentation host if you need to host a conference on a server. This is a WebEx solution.

The 6000 Series Business Edition is a Cisco virtual server. This is the UCS C230 M3 server, which has a CM communication manager for voice and video calls that allows you to connect up to 1000 devices, a CUC voicemail module for 1000 devices, a CCX express contact center for 100 agents, a VCS module for video and a CUPS presentation service. That is, it contains 5 devices in one case.

But I do not tell clients about the full range of our products, I tell them what equipment reveals their business opportunities. I explain to them the situation like this.

Suppose you have a small PBX and still want to send voice messages, how can you tell me about your presence? You will not shout: “Hey, I'm there!”, Type a message on the keyboard or make a phone call. So, you need a solution that combines all the possibilities of communication, you press one button in the same interface and see everyone, and everyone sees you. Imagine how it raises your level in front of customers. This “box” provides such opportunities for 1000 people. One RACK module - one solution.

How can this change your business? We give you the technology and tailor it exactly to the requirements of your business. You can chat, use video, can effectively collaborate thanks to our products. We need to tell customers about the specific benefits of our product, otherwise they will look at this entire assortment, turn around and leave.

Present our products as I tell you about this. With your customers you need to talk about opportunities for cooperation.

There is another VXI product, the Cisco Virtualization Environment for Virtual Desktops. Here is a client that separates data from real-time protocols, a complete process architecture. If your customers are interested in VDI, you can advise them to turn their attention to this architecture. Here we work together with Citrix and VMWare.


FastTrack Training. "Network Basics." "The value of Cisco collaboration products." Eddie Martin December, 2012

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