What drives IT in business: jumps and obstacles

According to some reports, global cloud traffic will reach 95% of the total data center traffic by 2021. The economic situation, as well as the law on the storage of personal data of Russian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, stimulates the development of domestic data centers and the growth of the business of cloud providers. Many of our companies, meanwhile, are only at the very beginning of the journey and are quickly lost in a variety of different technical capabilities. On the one hand, they understand that cloud solutions and corporate mobility will support their business without extra costs. On the other hand, they worry about data protection, which is also correct. How to use technology safely and effectively - I tell in my trial material. I ask for reading!

Mobility - Essential Benefits With Proper Management

Naturally, company employees use mobile technology in everyday life. Also in their professional activities, they are increasingly relying on these devices and constant access to applications and data.

For modern specialists, the place and the official framework of working hours no longer matter, the main thing is the result. The more freely and flexibly they can build their working day, the more productive and motivated they will work. In addition, some industrial companies are located not in the center of large cities, but on the outskirts or even outside of them. The long road to the place of work is inevitable for many. Together with a mobile work concept and corresponding IT infrastructure, a company can give employees the ability to access the necessary data from anywhere at any time. At the same time, mobile devices do not have to be provided by the employer without fail - a well-thought-out strategy will allow integrating personal devices into daily work. In this case, it’s important to remember that personal laptops,

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Mobility of business processes is a hallmark of a company not only from the perspective of an attractive employer, but also in terms of competitiveness. After all, someone who quickly and - responds to requests will be able to - receive customer loyalty. This advantage is achievable only if mobile processes are built efficiently and integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Hybrid IT landscapes and data protection

In addition to mobility, there is another trend that business is starting to get acquainted with - it's cloud computing. The public cloud offers companies clear advantages: high investment costs for IT equipment are reduced, the cloud service provider takes care of updates and maintenance, and flexibility increases due to the possibility of using services depending on the needs of the business. But enterprises still have a lot of security concerns, so many customers rely on their own cloud systems.

Private cloud designed for peak loads. However, the cost of ownership of this infrastructure is charged in full, even if it is not used to the maximum. An alternative is hybrid IT landscapes, when public clouds are combined with on-premises solutions. So confidential data is securely stored in the company's private cloud. And if the IT infrastructure is faced with peak loads, for example, due to increased customer requests at certain times of the year, then you can resort to public cloud services. Thus, system performance remains stable without compromising security.

Also, when exchanging confidential data through the cloud, companies should not compromise on security. There are solutions with the help of which information can be safely provided to any device, synchronized and distributed among colleagues, partners or customers.

Cost Efficiency - IT Centralization as Key to Success

A business is forced to constantly balance: as a rule, the IT departments of a company have a small staff, budgets are limited and, despite this, the business must respond to current trends such as the transition to digital technologies in order to remain competitive. The key to lowering costs is centralizing IT, as new desktop virtualization solutions can significantly reduce desktop management costs. At the same time, the benefits of centralized desktop virtualization will be combined with the personal PC environment. As a result, users gain access to data and applications regardless of location, network and device, and IT administrators, in turn, can quickly deploy applications and updates remotely. Thus, you can quickly respond to new requirements,

The complexity of strategic IT initiatives is constantly growing, whether corporate mobility, cloud technology or cost optimization - the business is faced with a number of difficult investment decisions. The management has a difficult task - to optimize business processes using technology, without undermining the company's budget. When building a new IT strategy, one must ask whether the planned investments will really accelerate work processes and increase employee productivity? This is the only way to pave the way for new business models and secure a competitive advantage.

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