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    On March 13, 2018, the first meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers was held this season . Alexey Ragozin held a master class on using Java Mission Control . How the meeting went, what exactly was told about it, how the participants accepted the report - about all this further.

    About Speaker

    Alexey spoke on for the fourth time. You can read about the impressions of his previous performances here (June 4, 2015), here (January 20, 2016) and here (August 30, 2016).

    Since the time elapsed from his previous speech at , he managed to participate as a speaker at a number of conferences:

    • “The Evolution of Load Testing - From Simple Automation to BDD” ( SECR 2016 : video )
    • “I Know Why Your Java is Slow” ( Devoxx 2016 : Presentation )
    • “Load testing - fully automated” ( Heizenbug 2016 : video , presentation )
    • “Java and Linux - the fight for microseconds” ( United Dev Conf 2017 : video , presentation )
    • “Java and Linux - operating features” ( HighLoad ++ 2017 : video )

    Alexey's presentation presentation files are now on Speaker Deck . A blog with technical articles is still available here , there is a section with a full list of reports with links to videos and presentation files.

    About the report

    Master class is supplemented and modified version of speeches, held late last year at a meeting of the St. Petersburg .

    The announcement of the event caused unprecedented excitement, the hall was completely full. The unusual format (usually meetings are a report or reports on some general topic) probably also fueled interest. It was recommended to take laptops and preliminary preparation instructions were sent before visiting.

    Alex before the meeting. Andrey Kogun traditionally welcomes the participants, recalling the upcoming conferences and announcing his own report at JPoint 2018 . In the first part, an excursion into profiling Java applications was made with an overview of the features of Java Flight Recorder

    and Java Mission Control . The application available on GitHub was used as a test subject . In the second part, the demonstration was continued. The material is extremely useful both for a less prepared audience (as a review audience) and for an advanced one (presentation of more complex cases with qualified comments). The opportunity to ask questions and get answers to them (during the break or at the end of the meeting) turned out to be very popular. At the end of the meeting, Aleksey mentioned the Efficient Profiling of Java Applications training course , which he plans to read on May 21-22, details here . Link to the presentation . Photos will be available soon in VK and

    Google+ videos on YouTube . You can also subscribe to the announcement of the next meeting .

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