Video advertising today: must have a successful business

We must not forget: a business is successful only when its product evokes an emotional response from customers. But how to tell about your services to the maximum number of people in a limited period of time? Is there a way to make the customer “listen” to the end?

Why are videos so popular

The drawn-up video of Spotify allowed the new music service to bypass iTunes 5 months after launch and bring Universal Music a record profit of over $ 30 billion.

The number of users of file hosting DropBox for 1 month distribution of the video preview increased by 10%. In the first 5 years after launch, the number of service users increased from 0 to 300 million, and its cost increased to $ 400 billion thanks to the short explorer, which everyone liked.

SIBUR, Russia's largest petrochemical company, is actively using animated video advertising to attract new customers. Complex production processes become clear after viewing the commercial. And that raises sales.

On the eve of Christmas, the John Lewis department store network annually records a new video. Each of the rollers features a 2-3 minute fairy tale. This is the business card of the company. The plots of John Lewis give the viewer what he is most waiting for on the eve of the holidays - the feeling of a miracle. Buyers are grateful: in England there is a network of 27 multi-storey stores.

Domestic advertising Whiskas attracts an audience with a New Year's video, which has everything that most people like - a cat, fluffy white snow, spruce branches, icicles, and a kind, melody in memory. Technically simple 30-second shooting allows advertising to stick on the screens for 11 years, and cat food is one of the most popular in the mass market.

What is the secret of the popularity of the video? The answer is simple: they evoke emotions. Video advertising opportunities allow you to show the uniqueness of the product, create positive, warm associations and generate interest in the company.

Emotional communication with the client is the company's competitive advantage. So the business becomes famous. Your product is remembered, stands out from the analogs thanks to the story, which the viewer liked, gave him positive emotions, caused a desire to watch the video to the end. It is this effect will help to achieve the video.

Before the advent of advertising, the product remains nothing more than another product on the shelf, the service is another among many similar ones. With the video, they have their own story, an exceptional halo. And this forces the client to make a choice in your favor.

Which movie is right for your business?

Commercials are of two main types: animation and production (shooting).


An animated commercial is a consistent demonstration of graphic images. So you can create fictional, fantastic characters, cartoon characters, show real objects inside and out, reflect complex technical and biological processes with the help of a virtual camera.

Shooting while this does not happen: and the characters, and the plot creates a designer.

The most popular genres of animation advertising are the explorer and image video.

Expliner is a short explanatory video about your company, product or principle of operation of a new service, application. It will help make complex information available. The popularity of the exploliners is due to the ability to tell maximum information in a short period of time.

Image videoincreases brand awareness, becomes its calling card thanks to a memorable visual series, idea. Such a video can attract the viewer's attention without words - only relevant music is required.

The same applies to most products designed for children's audience - for example, cocoa Nesquik from Nestle associated with rabbit Kvikki and the kids adore him. Shooting in conjunction with the animation give a special effect. The plot becomes livelier and brighter due to the appearance of a virtual hero.

Animation is suitable for:

  • advertising of IT applications and innovations;
  • disclosure of work patterns for complex industries, in power generation, construction and intellectual projects (3D infographics);
  • demonstration of what is planned to be invented in reality to optimize technological and production processes (future projects);
  • visualization of the effects of cosmetics on the skin or medicines on the entire body;
  • creating original, memorable characters representing a brand or company (fantasy, animation);
  • presentation of new computer games and internet services.

Average duration of the animation video: 30-90 seconds
. Creation time: 20-45 days.

Production video

The optimal choice for advertising products and services that attract their appearance, obvious practical benefits. The video will help to show them from the best side. In this case, the natural beauty does not require a graphic addition. The plot should be lively, realistic.

To select a product presented in the video, it is important for the viewer to see it firsthand: it’s easier to appreciate the advantages.

In the production video the actors act out a story close to a potential client in everyday life, thereby establishing an emotional connection with him.

Such goods include fashionable clothes, accessories, jewelry, as well as the services of travel organizers' masters - everything that causes positive associations and attracts attention, barely appearing in the frame.

Suitable for advertising:

  • law firms;
  • banks;
  • recruitment agencies;
  • travel companies;
  • online stores;
  • retail and hand-made goods;
  • a wide range of social services.

In advertising banks and agencies, it is important to show a serious approach of employees to work, well-organized business operations, to voice an attractive offer and to generate the trust of the audience.

Shooting requires a harmonious interaction of a group of people: the importance is the work of actors (people and animals), background (artificial or natural), lighting, colors, the presence and relevance of humor, script and plot.

Average time for staged advertising: 30-120 seconds
Time to create a video: 15-30 days

Video Criteria

1. Duration - at least 30 seconds.

According to research data, this is enough for the viewer to remember the video and your product. A successful video cannot be shorter.

2. The first 3-5 seconds of the video should “cling”.

In these seconds, the viewer decides whether to watch the video to the end. Make the start intriguing, vivid, and the video will work.

3. Lack of graphic and sound distortion

Video must comply with the technical requirements: its audio track goes synchronously graphic series. Lateness or anticipation of the plot is unacceptable. Distortion is possible only in the case of the author's intention.

4. Suitable music.

Thanks to the pleasant melody, your video can be remembered by the viewer for a long time.

5. Logical plot

The plot should be clear, have a logical transition from one part to another, be focused on your audience.

6. Compliance with the law

Your advertising should not seem offensive to the viewer, offend anyone's interests.

When assessing the quality of a roller, be guided not only by your own taste, but also by established criteria. Advertising should have a wow effect. It is important to surprise the customer.

How to choose a studio to create an advertising video

Most of the studios are engaged in staging shooting. Animation infographics is a relatively new phenomenon for the country, so there are fewer performers. However, the competition is high in both cases.

There are two main types of

studios : Full-cycle studios (full-digital agencies; video advertising agencies)

An ideal choice for those who want to create advertising using the most modern motion-design solutions and get a drawn clip that has been worked out to the smallest detail by creative experts in the field of animation and infographics.

Production studios (specialized production; video production)

Are engaged in the production of animation, and the creation of production video. As a rule, the history of such studios began with the shooting.

It is worth contacting here if you want to get a high-quality advertising product, see a carefully organized filming process, the work of an experienced director and actors.

When choosing a contractor, you should pay attention to a few points:

1. Does he use video to advertise his services?

Video will show what the team is doing, what equipment it uses, what methods of influence it prefers and whether they coincide with your ideas about good advertising. Masters of their craft will not leave the studio without high-quality introductory video.

2. Portfolio

A serious team will not stop at the development of a Landing Page offering services. Examples of the work of a good studio can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, on social networks, on a personal website, on television.

Portfolio should be rich, include animation or staged scenes - depending on the specifics of the studio.

Works of the studio should like you as a viewer. If your concepts of beauty are the same, feel free to make a choice in favor of this artist.

3. Range of services

Each company has its own “fad” - either production or animation. Preference should be given to those who openly show their main profile.

4. Time to create a movie

For high-quality shooting with voice acting, storyboard, as well as the selection of actors, editing, musical composition and the introduction of a simple infographic takes time.

If you are promised a finished product in 5-7 days - think about the team’s approach to work. Good advertising can not be done too quickly.

Creating an animated video (2D or 3D infographics) is a more complicated process. Each frame, the movement of the object is carefully drawn. And it will take more time than shooting real actors. The duration of the animation is directly dependent on the duration of the video. As a rule, it requires at least 15 days. Similarly, if you are offered to make a short video for 50 days or more, you should look for another artist.

BUT: If the script is complicated and you order a long animated video (more than 120 seconds), the creation process may take 4-6 months.

5. Cost

If the price for creating a video is significantly above average, specify if the studio has been working for a long time, look at its portfolio. Only this way you can determine if the work is worth the increased costs. Pay attention to the proposals of competitors and make a choice depending on what is closer to you.

6. Technical task

The more questions you are asked in the production studio and the more accurately you answer them, the more chances to get a good product. Studios it is important to know the maximum information in order to avoid mistakes.

A production studio will not let go of a client without brainstorming: the result is important for specialists. The contractor must know exactly what the customer wants, what he approves, allows and does not accept. If the studio does not ask questions, think about whether to work with it.

How much does it cost to create a movie in a production studio?

Cost of production studio or animation studio and infographics, depending on the specifics (complexity) of the video:

• script development;
• creating a concept;
• selection of the cast;
• script writing;
• work with lighting;
• directing;
• make-up work;
• shooting;
• voiceover;
• selection, recording or purchase (license acquisition) of musical accompaniment;
• selection of props and the creation of decorations;
• computer animation;
• installation;
• storyboard;
• 2D and 3D effects.

The cost of recording a simple video in a production studio - from 50 000 ₽.
Movie with high-quality and interesting plot - from 200 000 ₽.
The cost of animation studio and infographic studio ranges from 120 000 ₽.

How to choose a freelancer to create a video

Make a movie can not only studio, but also a freelancer. You can find an artist on the platforms YouDo , , Freelancehunt , etc.

  1. The choice of the field of activity - design, computer graphics or photo, video shooting.
  2. Profile selection. Should pay attention to the portfolio, information in the "About Me", work experience. Rating almost does not matter. The platforms work at the expense of the proceeds, so the rating is higher for those who buy premium accounts.
  3. Ask a few freelancers to send 1-2 ready-made videos. You should not give a test task - a self-respecting specialist will demand to pay for the work, this will increase the project budget. An experienced freelancer may not agree to testing.
  4. Choose a specialist whose videos you liked. The choice is narrowed, because not everyone will be able to show the commercial.

There are several nuances that should be known before starting work:

  • The freelancer is not always ready to provide a clear TK, the details of the order will be clarified in the conversation. Pay attention to whether the person is taking the initiative, trying to find out the details. If yes, this is a good sign.
  • Creating a video - the task of increased complexity. A newcomer will not work here, it is important that the performer had a “full hand”.
  • Often, remote workers do not have such opportunities as studios: equipment, actors for voice acting, colleagues who will appreciate the work from the outside and give recommendations. The exception in this case is subject shooting (without the participation of actors) and animation, for the creation of which is good enough software and a powerful computer.

For staged shooting, you will have to form a team yourself: look for a designer and operator, cast the actors, manage the process. It takes a lot of time and effort. You will have to learn from scratch a new area for yourself. In addition, from the first time a high-quality video will turn out very unlikely.

How much does a freelancer create video?

The choice of a remote contractor is a solution for those who want to save money and can explain in detail to the contractor what he wants. Among freelancers, you can find specialists whose quality of work is not inferior to studio production, however, this will require you to pay special attention to the choice.

The average cost of production video - from 30 000 ₽, depending on the complexity and timing.
The cost of creating animation - from 50 000 ₽.

What documents need to issue to create a video

What should be in the brief (technical assignment)

Brief - a document containing information about the customer, the goals of the advertising campaign, the budget, the target audience, the background (the company's UTP, the reasons for the decision to create a video). The classic brief is a technical task that is attached to the contract.

The customer fills out a brief not only to communicate his wishes in creating a video product, but also to protect his rights in case of violation of the details specified in the document.

In a good TK, there must be questions about:

• the plot and its features;
• video duration;
• format (resolution) of the finished video product;
• offers of competitors;
• strengths and weaknesses of competitors;
• UTP of the company;
• features of the product or service;
• target audience;
• the maximum budget allowed;
• additional details you want to specify.

The more you fill out the brief, the easier it will be for the performer to create a product that meets your desires. Fill in as much information as will be enough for confident shooting or drawing the perfect movie. Do not try to be concise. In this case, the details are important. So you will save your time and nerves, cooperation will bring pleasure to both parties, and the resulting video will inspire you for many years. Customers will appreciate this, attention to your company will increase significantly. Discussion video, detailed brief - 50% success in creating a new advertising campaign.

How to complete a technical task to create a video

Animation and infographic studios provide the customer with their own technical task (TK). The designer and other team members will work on it. To get started, the customer needs to fill out a ready-made form (download on the studio’s official website or request by email, call) and send to the manager.

In the studio portfolio or freelancer, in other sources of video advertising, select videos that you liked and explain what exactly (if this issue was not in the TK). It is important that the TOR is provided by the contractor. It speaks about his approach to work.

To discuss the project in the studio, it is desirable to come in person. Keeping in touch with specialists will often be needed, perhaps several times a week. The responsible company will contact you to clarify questions. Be ready for this.

What should be in the contract to create a video?

The studio is obliged to provide an agreement on the provision of its services. It approves the deadlines, the payment procedure agreed between you in advance, the format of the video and much more.

Filling in the contract, pay attention to:

  • description of the theme and structure of the video;
  • clip duration in seconds;
  • payment deadline from the day of acceptance of the work (payment is made after the customer completes each part of the video);
  • the order of compliance with the customer's copyright (excluding the transfer of ownership of the video product to third parties, the translation of the product into foreign languages ​​and a demonstration);
  • the procedure for making corrections at the request of the customer (especially the drafting of the document in case of agreement with the proposals for the adjustment)
  • the amount paid by the customer in case of violation of the due date (from 1%);
  • amount of remuneration of the studio (carefully read what includes the agreed amount);
  • possible reasons for termination of the contract.

The document is filled in two copies: it remains at the studio and at the customer.

How to promote your video at the initial stage

The effectiveness of the video is directly proportional to the profit, growth of interest in your product or service after its placement on various advertising sites. Spending time on his promotion at the initial stage, you will come to an explosive growth in the interest of the audience.

For example, the video for the travel service “Edusam” increased the landing page conversion 2.5 times and paid off in the first month of use, and after a year the ROI (return on investment) amounted to more than 10 rubles of profit per ruble invested in the video.

For 1 year of placement this video brought more than 1000% of net profit.

In addition to the classic YouTube and Vimeo platforms for posting your video should be social networks - Facebook, Instagram and Vk. They have everything for the effective promotion of advertising: paid placement tools, metrics by which you can track user activity and much more.

With the growing popularity of video advertising, the Facebook team has developed additional tools that simplify viewing videos from any devices, and the public is actively using them.

For greater efficiency, ask your colleagues to do the same, do not forget to regularly publish news about the company (or product) in the groups where the video was posted, to support their livelihoods.

Communicate with bloggers and opinion leaders - they will agree to talk about your product on their channels. So you can do without the help of SMM-specialist at the initial stage and gain significant experience in doing business.

Some production studios offer their assistance in advertising and distributing the video - feel free to accept it. For the artist, the issue of increasing the popularity of the videos developed by his team is topical, so he will do everything to help you gain more views and get a response from the maximum possible target audience.

The video is becoming popular thanks to the idea, the non-trivial approach of the masters and the emotional impact on the viewer. However, a lot depends on the sites where you place it, on your personal initiative.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of video advertising

There are tools for evaluating the effectiveness of video advertising. They will tell you more than the number of views - they are not enough to identify strengths and weaknesses, calculate the ratio of views to sales and much more. I propose the following algorithm for working with metrics:

1. Analyze reports on viewing videos from YouTube Analytics
This metric is unique: you will find out which moments aroused the most interest of the audience, whether they watched the video to the end or turned off in the middle. The metric will show from which device the video was viewed, shared or not. Moreover, you can compare your rating with the indicators of other videos of similar timing.

2. Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica
With them you will learn detailed statistics - on which resource the audience learned about you, how they found, in which city or country they watch the video most often and if you manage to keep your audience.

You can also track the sequence of transitions to the sales completion page. All this will help to understand what has been done correctly, and what should be taken into account when creating a new video, taking into account the target audience.

3. Google Consumer Surveys (Google Forms) The
service allows you to ask absolutely any questions to your viewers, both about the video and about the attitude towards your brand as a whole. Questionnaire will help find ways to expand existing advertising campaigns.

The link to the questionnaire should be placed under the description of the video or any other sites related to your brand. Allow everyone to participate, and the result will not be long in coming.


To create high-quality video ads:

  1. determine the appropriate type (genre) of the video;
  2. select an artist based on the specifics of the desired plot and the complexity of the video;
  3. Fill in the technical task as much as possible in detail, the contract for the provision of services, promptly get in touch with the studio in case of additional questions .;
  4. promote your video with existing advertising and analytics tools.

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