Games in which you need to write code (part 2)

    Games and programming - this symbiosis helps beginners to learn the basics of coding, and experienced developers - to freshen up and escape from difficult everyday tasks. It seems to be having fun, but at the same time with the benefit of the brain. We offer you the second part of the selection of games in which you need to write code. If you missed the first part , we also recommend looking, there are a lot of interesting things.

    Flexbox froggy
    Language: CSS

    A game for web developers who do not shy away from layouts. You need to help the frog and his friends navigate through the leaves of lilies, changing their location using CSS code. And along the way, you will fix in your head the work with the Flexbox module, which appeared in CSS3.

    Flexbox defense
    Language: CSS

    Another game that will help you learn how to use the Flexbox module on your web pages. The game belongs to the Tower Defense genre, only here you need to change the coordinates of the defensive towers with a code to prevent the enemy from breaking through the defense.

    Ruby warrior # /
    Language: Ruby

    The graphics of this game will plunge you into the atmosphere of a warm 8-bit tube gaming past. With the help of your code, a brave knight in armor must go his hard way to the cherished goal, defeating enemies.

    JavaScript fight club
    Language: JavaScript

    A curious project that brings the gaming component to the creation of AI. Players post forks in the author’s Github repository with the JS code of their bots, which are uploaded to the site once a day, and everyone can watch the epic battle of artificial intelligence divided into two teams. At any time, you can see a record of the last battle that took place.

    Language: assembler

    This is a game emulator of a fictional 8-bit computer, equipped with only 256 bytes of RAM and a 16-color 16x16 pixel display. You need to go through graphics tests and improve the code so that it consumes as few processor cycles as possible or contains as few lines as possible. Multithreading and other optimizations to help you!

    PS There is a web version of the game and a separate Windows application.

    Language: Scala

    Another game for writing bots with the rudiments of artificial intelligence, only this time on Scala. This time your population is fighting for energy sources in order to survive. The game is free, open source, no web version. You can play both in your “sandbox”, and raise the server and arrange a tournament with your friends or strangers.

    Language: artificial

    Another interesting project, most likely designed to teach children programming. Here you need to build a base, using robots to prepare the planet for colonization by humans. On the one hand, the game has three-dimensional graphics, but you can write your own programs for robots in an artificial language similar to C ++ and Java (the number of characters in each program is no more than 20,000). So it is quite possible to unwind and adults.

    Shenzhen I / O
    Language: assembler

    This is a simulator for creating printed circuit boards from various electronic components - microcontrollers, memory modules and logic gates - with their subsequent programming. A great way to feel like an engineer, trying to link the right code with the selected components. It’s not at all the same as rewriting a piece of program code, because replacing just one component can affect the whole technological process, behind which there are real workers, stocks, salaries, logistics ...

    Language: many languages

    This is not a game, but a way of bringing gamification to the study and pumping of programming skills. There are several modes, including linear “arcade” quests, one-on-one programmer battles, tournaments, a free choice of interesting tasks and even preparation for an interview at the American company CodeFights, which created this project. But first you need to go through the "arcade" tasks to unlock other modes. For each solved task you get points, the amount of which depends on your skills and ingenuity.
    Language: none

    This is the only game in our collection that does not require programming skills. But she develops an eye for web programmers and layout designers. The essence of the game is very simple: in each of the five rounds you need to draw a rectangle with the specified width and height in pixels. And each time the game says how wrong you were in the pixels, often mockingly commenting on the failures.

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